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Urban Studio Renovated to Accommodate Growing Staff

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PGAV Destinations reinvests in downtown St. Louis as “Creative Corridor”

PGAV Destinations is thrilled to announce the completion of a year-long, $3.2m renovation of its 200 N. Broadway studio in Downtown St. Louis!

The project has nearly doubled the space for this expanding of the attraction design firm, creating a dynamic two-floor environment that features fun and thematic collaborative areas, all with fantastic views of the St. Louis region.

“We’ve been growing at nearly 10% for several years now; and not just in staff count, but in our philosophy as well – how we work, how we collaborate, and the importance of our health and fitness,” said Emily Howard, PGAV vice president and project lead. “We considered relocating the office elsewhere in the city; but after a lot of discussion and reflection, we decided to reinvest in the downtown Creative Core, and transform our current space into something greater.”

PGAV Destinations collaborated with its Kansas City practice PGAV Architects on the design of the new space. The PGAV team began by surveying all current staff to gather input about what they’d like to see in the renovated space. A small, internal task force was comprised of designers, architects, IT professionals, and HR representatives of varying ages and outlooks and provided diverse thinking for the redesign.

“Employee input was absolutely essential to the process, first because it gave us a lot of great ideas, because we employ so many creative people,” said Howard. “Second, it was so impactful because it generated sincere staff buy-in to the project – employees knew they had a real say in what we would develop, collaboratively.” Howard confirms the team was able to implement most of the doable suggestions that staff submitted, with the exception of a few “farther fetched” ideas, such as a tube slide that would exit the exterior of the building and circle back inside.

For over half a century, PGAV Destinations has designed zoos, aquariums, museums, theme parks, and resorts around the world, and much of that creative spirit and theming is evident in the renovated office space. After assessing and planning for the more  critical, practical components of the project – flexible working space for standing or sitting, more conference space, enhanced hospitality for staff and guests, dynamic spaces, and expanded spaces that could “house” the entire growing  staff – the team implemented creative themes throughout the floors.

Generally separated into guest spaces and the studio, the new conference rooms were named after elements of the firm’s various hallmark projects – like Space Shuttle and The Veldt – prompting storytelling opportunities and hearty spurts of creativity, explained Howard. Frosted glass and wall art throughout the office illustrate zoo habitats and famed roller coasters, while local artist Phil Jarvis was commissioned to hand-paint key PGAV slogans and designs throughout the new spaces. Bryan Haynes’ beautiful lobby murals maintain their place in the lobby.

Other popular, thematic zones include The Aviary, a series of colorful booths with “bird’s eye views” of downtown, especially Busch Stadium; The Aquarium, a blue-green meeting area with colorful space dividers simulating a kelp forest; The Biergarten, a sporty, backyard-style space in reference to the firm’s long-standing client Anheuser-Busch; El Capitan, a “stepped” meeting space featuring a large television, so staff can gather to watch The World Cup and opening Cardinal games; and the global map in the renovated Café, showcasing  where staff have traveled using their annual PGAV GO! funds. “Our nature is to invent cool, thematic environments that immerse you in a culture or a special place, and that’s what we’re doing here – immersing our team and guests in our company culture,” said Howard.

Essential to the 2018 renovation is a long-term vision for growth, which a large, open, ready-for-move-in space supports. Throughout the themed and refreshed meeting spaces – each with its own unique design, intentionally like PGAV’s attraction work – a story evolves of PGAV’s heritage, a celebration of its practice today, and where it’s headed in the future. “In a way, I hope we’re never finished with this renovation – I hope we’re always thinking of new ways to collaborate and to do our work better,” added Howard. “Our immersive HIVE space is an excellent example; with our Visualization Team in its infant years, I can’t wait to see how we evolve to innovate in that field. We’ve given our team the space and tools to thrive and grow – and I’m excited to be part of it all and can’t wait to see what happens next!”

For an inside-look into PGAV’s renovation process, watch their Facebook Live series to explore these new spaces in-depth.  

PGAV Destinations is a global leader in the planning and design of unique destinations. Now entering its sixth decade, the practice has evolved to become the ideal destination-consulting partner, skilled at developing growth-oriented master plans and translating those plans into successful projects. For more information, go to

Western Specialty Contractors Recommends Contractors Adopt Quality Control Programs

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One of the most important aspects of construction is delivering a quality project. Owners hire contractors to perform a specific function, and they expect a superior product. Implementing a quality control program that evaluates the work process from initial steps all the way through to completion ensures customer satisfaction and long-term success, according to Eric Olson, Safety Director at Western Specialty Contractors.

“There are many benefits to implementing a quality control program. Many contractors may not see the value in it when looking at the upfront costs of a program, but ensuring a superior product delivers a number of benefits to the owners, consultants, facility managers and general contractors on a project,” said Olson. “In short, Western’s Quality Program was designed and developed with the explicit goal of adding measurable value to our customers.”

For over a century, St. Louis-based Western Specialty Contractors has made quality control a cornerstone of its organization and a part of its company culture — a sound quality control program that has attributed to Western’s long-term success and respect in the industry. Western celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015 and ranks as one of the top 150 privately held companies in St. Louis based on revenue.

“It’s woven into the fabric of our daily work lives and integrated into every activity and process that we do,” said Olson. “Quality control is the foundation of a healthy, long-term relationship with our customers and an internal source of pride. Bottom line, quality is good for business.”

Olson suggests that when implementing a new quality control program, all employees should be fully trained on the value of the program and understand how to perform and document inspections correctly.

“If employees aren’t aware or don’t understand the value, they may just see the program as more paperwork and will not truly verify the quality of the performed work,” added Olson.

With a sustainable quality control system in place, the tangible benefits to construction companies are numerous:

  • Contractors complete work the right way, the first time, thus saving time and money on expensive re-work. Tearing out and re-installing defective material is almost always more expensive than the initial task.
  • Being forced to redo work increases employee risk. Doing a project the first time comes with injury risk, but that risk is tempered through earnings potential. All work should be completed as safely as possible. Performing the same work a second time for free increases employee exposures for little to no gain.
  • A well-documented quality control program can help with any future litigation. Documentation confirming the project was performed correctly goes a long way.
  • Finally, delivering a quality project ensures a happy customer. Happy customers are much more likely to hire the same contractors for future projects.

Western’s Quality Program is documented in its Quality Assurance and Quality Control Policy and Procedures manual. The multi-section manual details the specifics of Western’s program and illustrates:

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Well established document control
  • Detailed proposal preparation, project set-up and process controls
  • Strict guidelines on purchasing and material controls
  • Robust verification, inspection and testing protocols
  • Specific guidance in the identification of non-conforming actions and the necessary corrective procedures

Highlights of Western’s Quality Program also include:

  • Quality Control Inspection Sheets customized for each specific job
  • A Quality Control Supervisor (QCS) assigned to each project to ensure overall quality compliance
  • All materials inspected to insure conformance with project requirements before being released for use
  • A series of well-defined tests and inspections before, during and after construction to verify that all items conform to stated project requirements
  • A complete set of all documents required for the proper execution of work to be maintained on site

Western’s Quality program was derived and perfected from some of the best practices across a range of industries, including: Lean, ISO and Six Sigma.

Visit for more information about Western’s Quality Program.

About Western Specialty Contractors

Family-owned and operated for more than 100 years, Western Specialty Contractors is the nation’s largest specialty contractor in masonry and concrete restoration, waterproofing and specialty roofing. Western offers a nationwide network of expertise that building owners, engineers, architects and property managers can count on to develop cost-effective, corrective measures that can add years of useful life to a variety of structures including: industrial, commercial, healthcare, historic, educational and government buildings, parking structures and sports stadiums. Western is headquartered in St. Louis, MO with over 30 branch offices nationwide and employs more than 1,200 salaried and hourly professionals who offer the best, time-tested techniques and innovative technology. For more information about Western Specialty Contractors, visit


Tarlton Completes Historic Renovation of Shriners Hospital & CID Buildings

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Project promotes sustainability by converting two vacant buildings into modern apartments

Tarlton Corp., a St. Louis-based general contracting and construction management firm, completed the $28 million historic renovation of buildings that formerly housed Shriners Hospital for Children and Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis’ Central West End, into The Core Apartment Residences.

Tarlton served as general contractor on the project that transformed two adjacent buildings – Shriners Hospital at 700-728 S. Euclid Ave. and CID at 818 S. Euclid Ave. – into 160 rental apartments that share amenity spaces, including common kitchens and a large community room, as well as a game room, music practice space, media lounge and fitness center. BOBB, LLC was the developer for the project.

The mix of units includes studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments. The scope of work included restoring the existing masonry facade, window repair or replacement, installation of new mechanicals, plumbing, electrical systems and fire protection, paving and landscaping. The new residential development offers a convenient central location to students on the medical campuses of Washington University and BJC HealthCare and the nearby St. Louis College of Pharmacy, as well as people working in the Cortex Innovation Community.

The Shriners and CID buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The two buildings opened within a decade of each other, and each was designed in the Renaissance Revival style by renowned St. Louis architect William B. Ittner. The three-story, 77,671-square-foot Shriners building, which opened in 1924, was the largest facility in a national network of free hospitals created by The Shriners fraternal society to treat disabled children. Central Institute for the Deaf, founded by Dr. Max Aaron Goldstein, opened in 1929 as a school for deaf children and to train teachers in deaf education. The four-story CID building totals 51,207 square feet.

“It’s rare that builders have the opportunity to lead the construction management team on the renovation of two separate, but adjacent historic buildings that have evolved into an exciting, centrally located residential apartment community,” said Tracy Hart, Tarlton president.

The Tarlton team included Matthew Pfund, project executive; Joe Scarfino, project director; Chris Kaintz, project manager; Sarah Mangapora, senior project engineer; Mack Waggoner, project engineer; and Jeff Peterson and Steve Moore, project superintendents. Lawrence Group was the project architect.

The Shriners and CID project is the latest in a number of historic renovations completed by Tarlton. The firm recently restored and constructed an addition to a pre-Civil War building at Missouri Botanical Garden, the Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum. Other historic renovations completed or in progress include 700 Market St. in downtown St. Louis, home to Spire headquarters; @4240 in the Cortex District, a former telephone factory; and Moosylvania, a Baptist church transformed into a marketing agency headquarters.

In business since 1946, Tarlton Corp. is a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise that completes projects for wide-ranging clients in the commercial, life sciences, health care, institutional, power and industrial markets, also providing special expertise in concrete construction and restoration as well as hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services.

Hibbs Homes Announces Collaboration with Owens Corning Building Experts

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 Collaboration will focus on providing comfortable,energy-efficient, cost-effective custom home options

Hibbs Homes recently announced its collaboration with Owens Corning to build ComfortBuilt® homes in the St. Louis area––bringing comfort, durability, home value protection, increased energy efficiency and savings to the communities’ homebuyers.

“Could we build beautiful, comfortable homes that save homebuyers money every month from lower heating, cooling, and maintenance costs?”

This was the question management posed to their team of craftsmen at Hibbs Homes in late 2017. According to President and Founder Kim Hibbs, “Hibbs Homes has long been known for building some of the best, energy efficient homes in the St. Louis region, but we know that some clients struggle with the idea of investing in an energy efficient green home. Our hope is to find a way to deliver affordable options that would make building a green home a feasible option for more clients.” Hibbs adds, “To achieve this goal, we knew we’d need the right partners, and the right materials.”

Hibbs ComfortBuilt® homes, constructed with Owens Corning® advanced Building Science, will be built to a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of 49, which means a potentially large reduction in homeowner heating and cooling bills, saving them money as well as increasing comfort and overall livability when compared to a typical new-build or resale home. Going above and beyond the required building codes for energy efficiency will be the standard for every Hibbs home, bringing science and technology into the construction process. This commitment to quality allows our ComfortBuilt® homes to deliver the full measure of advanced building science.

By adding the PROPINK Complete™ Blown-in Wall System, blown-in attic insulation, and ENERGYCOMPLETE® Sealant, Hibbs Homes is now able to prevent air leakage and related heating and cooling energy loss. The end result is that their clients can:

  • Save up to 33% on monthly heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduce air infiltration by up to 70%.
  • Experience fewer pests and allergens in their home with an advanced home seal system.
  • Enjoy reduced exterior noise by up to 70%.
  • Breathe easier with better indoor air quality due to reduced in-home moisture.
  • Enhance the performance and life of your walls and roof, protecting your investment.

“We believe that the home of your dreams should be comfortable, durable, beautiful, and energy efficient. Ask us about Hibbs ComfortBuilt® options for your custom home building project. Our collaboration with Owens Corning Building Science Experts will drive our ability to make durable, energy efficient homes attainable in the St. Louis area,” notes Kim Hibbs.

“Owens Corning is an industry leader in building science knowledge and practical application that achieves performance targets for builders, and we’re excited to combine our expertise with a leading company as forward-thinking as Hibbs Homes,” said Achilles Karagiozis, Owens Corning Director of Building Science & Technology. 

For more information about the recently announced collaboration between Hibbs Homes and      Owens Corning, please contact Hibbs Homes at 314-392-9631 or via email at info@hibbshomes.comAdditional details regarding Hibbs Homes are available at

Hibbs Homes is a leading custom green homebuilder in the St. Louis area. Since leaving his career in broadcasting in 2006, owner and general contractor Kim Hibbs has been building high-performance and luxury homes for a variety of price ranges and lifestyles. Hibbs speaks to local building professionals and architecture students on a variety of green building topics. He built one of the first gold level green verified homes in the St. Louis area, and is the builder of the first Active House in North America. Hibbs is a Master Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders and is active in the St. Louis Home Builder’s Association where he currently serves on the board.

10+ New Tenants and Continued Demand Signal Strong Q4 2018 for The Meadows

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Lifestyle Focus Attracts Multi-Family Housing, Experiential Retail and Consistent Crowds

The last 10 years have not been the easiest for malls or retailers of any kind, but The Meadows at Lake St. Louis seems to have landed on the winning formula — an outdoor mixed-use development including shopping, dining, frequent events, and easy access to parking. In addition to the recent announcement for “PURE at The Meadows”, which includes an urban street-like setting, lighted walkways, and water features, The Meadows has signed the following leases in the second half of 2018:

  • Roasted Coffee & Wine Bar
  • Prados Mexican Restaurant
  • The Beardly Man
  • Boulevard Bride
  • Winghaven Physical Therapy
  • Inspire (Aveda) Salon
  • Little Bits Gym
  • I Love Kickboxing
  • Boutique It! Collective
  • Plain Wellness Foods

Rick Spector, senior vice president of retail brokerage for JLL, the firm in charge of retail leasing for The Meadows, said “In addition to the new tenants already under construction, The Meadows is working on multiple other new concepts to join in on the excitement before the end of year.”

According to Meir Cohen of Cohen Equities, owner of The Meadows, “We have a unique partnership with Lake St. Louis, businesses in the area, the residents and retailers, along with our management partners of Balke Brown Transwestern and JLL , who have done a great job evolving to the changing economy and sustaining interest in this unique property.”

“Luckily for The Meadows,” said General Manager Alysia Kerkove, “we have been able to adapt quickly, attract residential development, and a retail mix which has placed us at the center of daily life in Lake St. Louis.  We host dozens of free family-friendly events every year, introduce new entertainment, dining and experiential concepts to the market with an emphasis on quality, service, safety and fun. With our plans for a hotel and children’s museum still on our radar, there hasn’t been a more exciting time at The Meadows and Lake St. Louis.”

Additional events — including the Lake St. Louis Beerfest on September 22, the annual Monsters on The Meadows Halloween Event on October 27, and festivities throughout the holiday season — will be announced shortly and details will be updated on The Meadows website at

The Meadows open air shopping, dining and entertainment plaza at Lake St. Louis Boulevard off Interstate 40 invites strolling in a beautifully landscaped campus unrivaled in the greater St. Louis area. The most popular and sought after retailers include Von Maur, Nike Factory Store, Victoria’s Secret, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Old Navy.  The Meadows is owned by Cohen Equities, managed by Balke Brown Transwestern, and leased by JLL.

JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. JLL is the brand name, and a registered trademark, of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated. For further information, visit

Wiegmann Associates Completes Work For Renovation of Soldiers Memorial Military Museum in St. Louis

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Wiegmann Associates has completed work on a museum-quality HVAC system as part of the Missouri Historical Society’s $30 million historic revitalization of the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum in downtown St. Louis. Renovation of the art deco memorial museum, opened in 1938 to honor local soldiers who died in World War I, is scheduled to reopen November 3, 2018. KAI is the mechanical engineer of record and BSI Constructors is the general contractor.

Wiegmann Associates was the installing mechanical contractor for the HVAC and Delta controls system, providing design/assist services to KAI to reduce equipment costs and develop an energy-efficient system that improves visitor comfort and protects historical exhibits.

The museum’s lower level was refurbished as galleries, more than doubling the exhibition space, and the second floor was renovated as office, assembly and meeting rooms. The HVAC system was designed to maintain strict humidity levels, to preserve artifacts in the galleries while maintaining comfort for visitors.

A primary project challenge was developing an energy efficient HVAC system that reliably maintains comfortable temperature levels in spaces that are nearly empty at times and then fully occupied for events.  Sensors control humidity and ventilation in each of 24 zones of the building, conditioning the inside air as needed depending on how the space is occupied.

The contractors paid close attention to aesthetic details to maintain the historic integrity of the nearly 80-year-old building. For example, Wiegmann installed low registers in the 28-foot tall galleries, with grills reflecting the art deco style of the building.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the memorial site in 1936 and the art deco museum opened in 1938. In 2015, the City of St. Louis entered into an agreement with the Missouri Historical Society, which also operates the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park, to assume operations of the historic landmark and oversee the substantial renovation and site reconstruction.

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, located in downtown St. Louis, is operated by the Missouri Historical Society. Following a $30 million revitalization, Soldiers Memorial reopens Nov. 3, 2018 as a state-of-the-art museum that honors military service members, veterans, and their families. Exhibits offer a comprehensive look at American military history through the lens of St. Louis. Soldiers Memorial offers programs and outreach services including special exhibits; tours; theatrical and musical presentations; programs for school classes and youth groups; special events; workshops; and lectures. The revitalization of Soldiers Memorial was paid for by anonymous donors to the Missouri Historical Society.  Learn more:

Wiegmann Associates is a St. Louis-based mechanical contractor serving the commercial, industrial and institutional markets, and a national leader in design/build HVAC projects.  Since 1995, Wiegmann Associates has engineered and installed innovative, energy-saving and cost-efficient HVAC solutions and automation controls for clients in a wide range of industries. Wiegmann also provides 24-hour preventative maintenance programs and service in the St. Louis region. Wiegmann is ranked among the top 50 specialty contractors in the Midwest by Engineering News Record and the top 10 largest mechanical contractors by the St. Louis Business Journal. For more information, visit or call(636) 940-1056.

KWK Architects Designs Flexible Student Gathering Space at Midland University in Nebraska

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Students returning to Midland University in Nebraska following summer break will be able to re-connect, grow and build lifelong relationships at the university’s modern, new Eikmeier Commons in the Olson Student Center.

Described by donors as a “kitchen table” for the campus, Eikmeier Commons marks the final stage of the Olson Student Center’s $1.5 million dining hall (completed in the fall of 2017) and student commons renovation project. KWK Architects was the designer on both projects, as well other campus projects over the past year including an Athletic Training Facility Study and new business school in Omaha.

The Olson Student Center was originally constructed in 1919, with renovations to the facility last recorded in 1997. University administrators decided that the building’s 4,700-square-foot lower level was being under-utilized and would make an ideal, and much needed gathering space for students.

A generous donation by alumni Randy and Shelly Eikmeier (’82 & ’83) made the lower level renovation possible.

“Midland University has been a huge part of our lives, and it is also vital to the Fremont community. When Midland approached Shelly and I regarding the opportunity to become engaged in this project, we were all in,” said Randy Eikmeier. “It has always amazed me that during family gatherings everyone ends up in the kitchen. This project has the potential to become Midland’s ‘kitchen table,’ and we have great hopes that it will become a favorite spot for students.”

Principal at KWK Architects Eric Neuner, AIA, NCARB, says the new student commons was designed to serve multiple functions for student activities. The project added 75 built-in seats to support the Warrior Grille, and provides soft seating for flexibility and group gathering. The renovation also provides two new conference rooms and a new ADA-compliant restroom.

Ceramic tile flooring was specified at the main circulation routes for durability, along with Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and carpet tile. The space also features solid surface countertops for the built-ins, dimmable LED fixtures for lighting flexibility, 22 television monitors, a game area and performance stage featuring a stone surround fireplace.

The new Eikmeier Commons provides Midland University students with an engaging space to gather and connect while not on the field, court, stage, or in the classroom. The university is committed to creating a home for students that supports personal development, provides a safe, engaging community, and improves students’ lives.

General Contractor: Midland University’s Facilities Department, Shawn Nelson, Project Manager and Facilities Director for Midland University

 Electrical Contractor:  Fremont Electric

Mechanical contractor: All Systems Inc.

IT:  Midland University IT department

Painting: Frerich’s Contracting

Flooring:  Legendary Tile

Drywall:  Storm Drywall

About KWK Architects

Founded in 2013 by five architects with a combined 150 years of higher education knowledge and experience, KWK Architects partners with colleges and universities across the United States to create innovative and inspiring places that enhance campus life. Areas of expertise include student housing and dining, and academic and science/technology spaces. KWK Architects has completed more than $1 billion in construction-valued projects since its founding and currently employs a growing staff of 15 at its headquarters in St. Louis, MO. For more information about KWK Architects, visit or contact Director of Marketing Cindy Hausler at


Ground To Be Broken On Hubbell-Killark Facility At Fenton Logistics Park

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With the addition of this new $18 million facility, a total of 240,000 square feet is currently under development at the site of the Former Chrysler Plant in Fenton, Mo.

Participants will include representatives from Hubbell-Killark and KP Development, the City of Fenton and the Fenton Chamber of Commerce, members of the project team and other invited guests

The groundbreaking event to celebrate the start of construction on the 160,000 square-foot Hubbell-Killark facility, the latest building to be part of the Fenton Logistics Park will take place on the site of the former Chrysler Plant on Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 at 11 a.m.

The address is 2112 Fenton Logistics Park Blvd., Fenton MO 63026 (located in the new Fenton Logistics Park off Mraz Road)

 After signing a lease in late July, Hubbell-Killark, a global provider of integrated electrical industrial products, is breaking ground on a state-of-the-art, 160,000-square-foot facility at Fenton Logistics Park. With the addition of this new $18 million facility, a total of 240,000 square feet is currently under development at the site of the Former Chrysler Plant in Fenton, Mo.

Hubbell-Killark, a growing company with many consolidation and expansion needs, is relocating to Fenton Logistics Park from Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis City. The new facility will allow the company to integrate its manufacturing operations, offices and warehouse under one roof, while optimizing material flow throughout the facility and maximizing production output. The new building, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, will also be far more energy-efficient. Hubbell-Killark will join BJC’s Clinical Asset Management Division, CoreLink, Alkem Labs and Beckwood Press Co., each of which is already operating within Fenton Logistics Park. In addition, BASF recently announced it will move its 80,000-square-foot agricultural services division to a portion of another building that is currently under construction. 

KP Development, the St. Louis-based developer taking the charge to breathe new life into the former Chrysler Assembly Plant, has already invested more than $75 million in current facilities. As it continues to be built out and additional tenants are lined up, Fenton Logistics Park is expected to feature nearly 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing, logistics and warehouse space; 480,000 square feet of office/warehouse and flex space; 182,500 square feet of retail, restaurant and hotel space, and 105 acres of land owned by the BNSF Railway for anticipated additional railroad services. The overall development has the potential to result in 2,500 – 3,000 permanent jobs, pumping an estimated $135 million in wages to the region. For more information about Fenton Logistics Park, visit For more information about Hubbell-Killark, visit

Tarlton Corp. Begin Muny Renovations

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Marks the first phase of capital improvements to the iconic outdoor musical theater 

Tarlton Corp., a St. Louis-based general contracting and construction management firm, is serving as construction manager for renovations to The Muny, America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theater.

Tarlton, which has been providing preconstruction services, has begun the first phase of construction now that The Muny’s centennial summer season has concluded. In May, The Muny launched its first-ever public fundraising effort, “Second Century Capital Campaign,” to raise $100 million for capital improvements and ongoing maintenance of its 11.5-acre campus in Forest Park.

The scope of work includes rebuilding and revamping The Muny’s century-old stage to address structural needs and provide capabilities for modern stage technologies. A new revolving platform to move sets and actors more efficiently during productions will replace the existing turntable, which was installed in 1930. Other upgrades include tracks to move scenery and five lifts to bring materials and/or actors to the stage from below.

A new overhead light bridge of structural steel with an integrated walkway will replace the current cable light bridge system and provide infinite capabilities for lighting configurations. The Muny’s current lighting system also will be enhanced by all new LED lighting. Other improvements include additional LED screens for digital projections, which create unlimited color variations on and around the stage.

The Muny’s stage will undergo dramatic design changes. Two architectural shell-shaped towers constructed of steel, concrete, concrete masonry units and drywall will frame each side and conceal an array of electronics and sound equipment. Air ducts in the new towers will distribute air more evenly throughout the theater. At the close of The Muny’s 2019 season, a façade of durable glass fiber reinforced concrete panels will be installed. These panels are designed to reflect lighting and produce a wide spectrum of color.

In addition, a new, expanded climate-controlled orchestra pit situated under The Muny’s stage will accommodate musicians, who still will remain visible to Muny-goers, but in a protected environment more conducive for delicate musical instruments sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations.

The team will construct a full basement, new electrical and mechanical systems, new elevators, restrooms, locker rooms and general storage spaces.

“The renovations have been in the planning stages for years,” said Dennis Reagan, president and chief executive officer.  “As we look toward the second century of The Muny, these improvements are designed to enhance the musical theater experience for St. Louisans and visitors and are vital to its future.”

The Tarlton team includes Joe Scarfino, project director; Cameron Denison, senior project manager; Travis Aly, senior project engineer; Chad Hartman and Matt Grill, project superintendents; and Cindy Cerentano, cost engineer. The project architect is H3 architects in New York City.

“We are honored to be a part of this exciting renovation and continue our history in working with The Muny, an iconic cultural institution and summer favorite in St. Louis,” said Tarlton President Tracy Hart.

Tarlton has completed a host of renovation projects for The Muny over the last 20 years. Its work for the long-time Forest Park institution ranges from the installation of giant cooling fans to amphitheater, restroom and concession stand renovations. In addition, Tarlton has completed numerous miscellaneous projects including lighting work, plaza renovations, sidewalk repairs and handrail upgrades.

“The Muny” is the nation’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theater. The popular amphitheater seats 11,000 people with approximately 1,500 free seats available. The Muny produces all of its musicals, offering seven productions that run seasonally from mid-June to mid-August. It is the largest outdoor theater to host Broadway-style musical theater and has a history of hosting top performers from theater, TV, film and stage. 

In business since 1946, Tarlton Corp. is a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise that completes projects for wide-ranging clients in the commercial, life sciences, health care, institutional, power and industrial markets, also providing special expertise in concrete construction and restoration as well as hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services.

BSA Lifestructures Welcomes New Engineering Leadership to St. Louis Office

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BSA LifeStructures (BSA), a nationally recognized architecture and engineering firm, announced today that it is expanding its leadership team, hiring Theodore (Ted) L. Zemper, PE, LEED AP, as director of engineering for their St. Louis office.

“Since joining the St. Louis office of BSA, Ted has demonstrated a strong initiative in leading our engineering group and earning the respect of his colleagues,” says St. Louis Regional Director Ryan King. “We are excited for Ted to continue our firm’s mission in providing excellent, hands-on service and inspired solutions to our clients.”

A registered professional engineer, Ted brings 23 years of experience in the architecture and engineering industry with emphasis in the health, science and education markets. As a previous manager of an electrical engineering group, Ted thrives on developing long-lasting partnerships with clients and enjoys rolling up his sleeves with them to ensure positive outcomes, not only for their organizations but the betterment of their patients, students, and researchers.
He holds a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado and is also a LEED Accredited Professional. Ted is an active member in the industry and is affiliated with the Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois (EBMI) and Missouri Society of Healthcare Engineering (MOSHE) organizations.

“I was taught that success happens when you find something that you love to do, and you do as much of it as possible. In my life and career this has proven true,” said Zemper. “At BSA LifeStructures, our commitment to building trusting relationships with clients centered in the healing, learning and discovery markets and to creating inspired solutions that improve lives aligns perfectly with my passions and values. BSA’s process to holistically evaluate a problem from both architectural and engineering vantage points equally is unique and is an attribute of a truly integrated A/E practice. I am humbled by the talent that surrounds me and am fortunate to have the opportunity to lead our St. Louis engineering practice. I am excited about our future and look forward to continued success.”

BSA LifeStructures, a national, integrated design firm, creates inspired solutions that improve lives. BSA provides architecture, engineering, interior design, and planning services for spaces that support and enhance healing, learning, and discovery – facilities known as LifeStructures. Learn more at


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