American Subcontractors Association Relaunches Diversity, Suicide Prevention Focus


The national American Subcontractors Association announces the relaunch of its foundation with an increased emphasis on promoting diversity and preventing suicide.

The ASA chose these two initiatives as priorities, according to national CEO Richard Bright, because they closely align with the organization’s vision of a safe, inclusive, ethical and ecologically responsible workplace.

“With the complex environment that currently exists in the construction industry and society at large, ASA realized that our foundation is the ideal vehicle to support our members with these key resources,” Bright said. “People need help, and they need to know that their peers and their profession will support them. That’s why ASA is here, and that’s what the foundation is for. We’re proud to play a role in raising awareness of these critical issues.”

Regarding diversity and inclusion, the foundation is partnering with and its Culture of Care initiative as an impact champion. ASA has taken the pledge as an organization and is encouraging everyone in the construction industry to also take the pledge. For more information, see

On suicide prevention, the ASA’s foundation has taken the pledge to Stand Up for Suicide Prevention with the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention and is actively offering webinars and education sessions via ASA chapters. For more information, see

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