ASCC Adds Online Courses


The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has added two online, on-demand courses to its ACI University: Ward R. Malisch Concrete Construction Symposium Parts 1 and 2.  The courses cover information on concrete constructability issues in honor of Dr. Ward R. Malisch, a former senior managing director and an Honorary Member of ACI.  Malisch is presently concrete construction specialist for the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC).

Part 1 covers using the Menzel/NRMCA nomograph method to estimate evaporation rates, the pros and cons of the 90-minute concrete delivery time rule, the effects on durability of SOG when curing water’s applied at temperatures of 20°F or colder, and proper placement.

Part 2 covers achieving and measuring floor flatness and levelness of supported slabs, composite metal deck slabs, and cambered support beams; achieving flatness and levelness requirements for elevated slabs on metal deck; the risks of tolerances associated with as-built, cast-in-place concrete construction; problems with concrete specifications on mix designs; and strategies for improving specification writing and efforts therein, improved through Dr. Malisch’s efforts.

Writers include Dr. Ken Hover, Eldon Tipping, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. David Darwin, Dr. Terry Holland, Mike Schneider, Michelle Wilson, Dr. Bruce Suprenant, Peter Craig, Dr. Colin Lobo, Ron Kozikowski and William Lyons.  The authors presented their papers at the ACI Convention in Anaheim, in October 2017.

The courses can be accessed online at

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