Bloomsdale Excavating Celebrates 75 Year Anniversary


2021 marks the 75th anniversary for Bloomsdale Excavating. Marvin Drury founded the company after coming home from World War II, naming it for the southeast Missouri town in which it was located. As the years went by, Marvin’s six sons joined the family business. Now, in its 3rd generation, Marvin’s grandchildren are keeping the core values of their family business alive.

According to Scott Drury, President of Bloomsdale Excavating, “We are very excited and proud to be celebrating 75 years in business. More importantly, we are also very happy that our grandfather and grandmother are still with us to celebrate this special year. Every day we try to set the bar a little higher in the work we perform, as well as how we communicate and collaborate with our customers, other subcontractors and suppliers. We call this the “T.I.P” mantra which stands for Teamwork, Integrity, and Performance.”

Today, the leadership team is comprised of several grandchildren who are all proud to be carrying the torch. When asked “how does a family become a cohesive business team?”, Pat Drury (Marvin’s youngest son) replied “We genuinely love and respect one another and remember that we are family first. We leave our disagreements at the office.” According to Gina Blum (Marvin’s granddaughter), “75 years is a true validation of the efforts done by a great team of people at Bloomsdale Excavating. There are several families, not named Drury, who have been a major part of our success as a company.”

As the 4th generation becomes involved Scott Drury adds, “Dad always said, “Attitude equals altitude. It’s important the next generation understands the importance of being intelligent about the work we pursue, continue building solid relationships, work in a company culture based on our core values, and bring that laser focus to work every day. It’s a great time to be part of Bloomsdale Excavating and I look forward to celebrating our 100th anniversary!”

Bloomsdale Excavating, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heptacore, Inc. Founded in 1946 by Marvin Drury Bloomsdale provides excavation, grading, site utility and concrete services for the residential/ commercial, quarry/mining, landfill, public construction sectors. Bloomsdale provides construction services across Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.

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