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McCarthy Completes Construction of St. Luke’s Hospital Outpatient Services Building

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St. Luke’s Outpatient Center Building B enhances patient care in the region.

Chesterfield, Mo. (May 3, 2017) — McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has completed construction of a new five-story, 106,000-square-foot outpatient services building on the west campus of St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Mo.


The new $40 million St. Luke’s Outpatient Center Building B adjoins St. Luke’s Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Desloge, Jr. Outpatient Center. The structure provides additional space for new physician offices as well as the expansion of St. Luke’s physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation services. Other St. Luke’s services that have relocated to the building include EEG/EMG; the nutrition wellness and diabetes center; the anticoagulation clinic; and wound care and hyperbaric medicine. 


“The dedication of St. Luke’s new outpatient services building is a significant event for St. Luke’s Hospital and healthcare in our region,” said Christine M. Candio, RN, FACHE, St. Luke’s Hospital president and chief executive officer. “As our community grows and changes, we work to stay ahead of patient needs by continuing to provide convenient access to the highest quality care and services possible.”


To emphasize safety, team communication and overall efficiency throughout construction, McCarthy and its subcontractor partners used iPads and advanced construction software, including BIM 360, NoteVault and Bluebeam applications.


“McCarthy is pleased to continue our long-term partnership with St. Luke’s Hospital as it continues its expansion throughout the greater St. Louis region,” said Corey Black, project manager of McCarthy.


The new building, which is being reviewed for LEED certification, integrates sustainability through the use of healthy, regional materials; bioretention basins to slow and treat onsite stormwater runoff; and the generation of minimal construction waste.


BSA LifeStructures Inc. designed the building. 


St. Luke’s Hospital is an independent, nonprofit healthcare provider committed to improving the quality of life for its patients and the community.

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has been setting the industry standard in healthcare construction for over a century. 

Western Specialty Contractors Plans for Its Future Through Robust College Recruitment, Hands-On Internship Program

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 College students with a background in construction management are in high demand by contractors.

To expose college students to careers in specialty contracting and begin developing qualified employees to fill its management positions long-term, Western Specialty Contractors, the nation’s largest specialty contractor in masonry and concrete restoration, waterproofing and roofing, recruits candidates from leading construction management colleges and universities across the country for its comprehensive, hands-on internship program.

“We believe the growth of our workforce depends on a strong internship program. If the intern enjoys their internship experience, then there is a good chance they will be receptive to long-term career opportunities within Western,” said Maria Traina, Director of Human Resources at Western Specialty Contractors.

Visits to colleges and universities are typically made by a combination of senior human resources staff and Western’s branch managers who offer students a first-hand perspective into the specialty field of restoration construction and preventative waterproofing. Those students who take part in Western’s internship program have the opportunity to gain much more than traditional work experience.

“With various levels of opportunities and an individual approach, our interns are exposed to everything from sales and project management to work in the field,” said Tom Brooks, Western Senior Vice President of Operations. “Those who become part of the Western team can look forward to great promotion opportunities. Of the 64% we hire from the program, the average number of years they spend with Western before getting promoted to a management position is just five.”

Over 85% of Western’s managers have been promoted from within the company. Initiative and hard work are rewarded with competitive salaries, excellent benefits including a 401K match, and tuition reimbursement, as well as advancement opportunities.

“With 100 years of experience, and in a constant state of growth, Western hasn’t lost sight of its roots as a hard-working, family-operated business striving to exceed expectations,” said Western Specialty Contractors President Jeff Kelley. “That is why we have been able to attract, hire and most importantly keep some of the best talent in the industry. You come aboard with Western, I can tell you we have a very good training program and a good career pathing process where you start at this level and you want to be at a higher level, here are the things you have to do to get there. We know what it takes to be successful and to be profitable, all you have to do is be willing to do it.”

Josh Woolard, a former intern at Western’s Chicago Branch, was hired by Western and is currently working as a Project Manager at Western’s Springfield, IL Branch. For Woolard, the hands-on experience he received while an intern was the most beneficial.

“I didn’t want to be with a general contractor. I liked the specialized contracting. I got to look at a set of plans and figure out exactly what was going to need to happen and the best way to get it done, pleasing the customer and also helping Western. I got to go on-site. It was really interesting,” said Woolard.

For Teddy Williams, gaining a well-rounded perspective of the construction business through his internship at Western helped him to determine his career path. Williams currently works in Western’s Dallas, TX Branch as an Assistant Business Development Manager.

“They really teach you the ins and the outs of the business,” said Williams. “Western is going to make sure you learn everything you want to in all aspects of the business.”

For more information about Western’s college recruiting and internship programs and current job openings, visit

Family-owned and operated for more than 100 years, Western Specialty Contractors is the nation’s largest specialty contractor in masonry and concrete restoration, waterproofing and specialty roofing. 

Work on Eads Bridge Rehabilitation Earns SSPC George Campbell Award

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The lead abatement, surface preparation and painting of the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri lasted nearly four years and earned Thomas Industrial Coatings an SSPC award for completing a complex project.

Abatement, preparation and coating

Opened on July 4, 1874, the Eads Bridge was the first of its kind to be made of true steel in the U.S. and was a literal gateway to the west. The bridge is still in use today, with a road deck and pedestrian walkway set above a light rail system. 

Thomas Industrial Coatings began work on a rehabilitation of the bridge in July 2012. The first hurdle was to provide a working platform for the team of painters to access all parts of the bridge. The platform was also utilized by steel workers to execute repairs and install new steel members. Safespan decking was installed below the track system and also under the bridge’s famous archways. To install the platforms, barges ferried the deck materials to spud barges staged with 120-foot man lifts used to aid assembly. The decking followed the trajectory of the bridge in two different layers to provide a stable work area to stage equipment.

Containing the bridge provided another challenge. Each span was divided into 42 to 45 sections and three to four sections were contained at one time. Swing stages and basket hoists were used to install a SSPC-Guide 6, Class One containment. A 60,000 CFM dust collector was used to provide the proper ventilation. The tarps for the containment were hoisted from the spud barges to the Safespan platform. Because this was a lead abatement project, it was significantly important to install secure containments to ensure the safety of the workers of all trades, as well the general public and the environment.

The abrasive blasting posed several challenges, some of which were the most difficult ever encountered by Thomas Industrial Coatings’ team members. This was the first time the bridge was taken down to bare metal. In most sections, as many as nine coats of paint had to be removed. The scope of work called for a SP-10 near white metal blast. The composition of round piping, multiple bolts patterns, and x-braces created many significant access issues throughout the project. Swing stages, pick and cable, and climbing were used as a means to access the steel from the work platform.   

A three-part coating system of zinc, epoxy and siloxane was chosen as the paint to be applied to the bridge. Carboline was the company chosen as paint vendor. A system of Carbozinc 859 Primer, Carboguard 888, and Carboxane 2000 was used. The project required 8,600 gallons of paint. 

As with any project in the Midwest, weather played a major role. Winds moving up and down the river made it difficult to maintain containments. Rising river levels during spring and winter floods at times caused the demobilization of the construction yard, disrupting progress for the entire project.

Thomas Industrial Coatings concluded its portion of the project in May 2016.

Thomas Industrial Coatings was recognized for its work on this project, winning the SSPC’s George Campbell Award for completing a difficult or complex industrial coatings project.

Electrical Connection Urges Caution in Flood Areas Impacting Electrical Systems

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The Electrical Connection IBEW/NECA partnership reminds residents in flooded areas to be wary of shock hazards around their home and carefully check credentials of any company offering repairs.  IBEW/NECA electrical contractors will again work with government officials, residents and businesses to ensure electrical systems damaged by the recent flooding are made safe.  Residents and business owners need to be aware some electrical systems compromised by the flood may have to be inspected and repaired.  Residents and business owners should always use licensed electrical contractors for new electrical installations and electrical repairs.  IBEW/NECA contractors are dedicated to strict adherence to the National Electrical Code to ensure safe electrical systems. The Electrical Connection offers the largest data base of licensed electrical contractors at its web site (

The Electrical Connection offers the following tips to homeowners and businesses:

  • Always ask for credentials to ensure the repair service is fully licensed.
  • Call your insurance company first to find out what your insurance will cover and identify their procedures for how it will be covered
  • Never enter a basement with standing water that is in contact with electrical systems.
  • With the immense volume of rain, water has been able enter homes from faulty rooftop flashing to basements and in many cases the water trickles down electrical cables into fixtures.  These fixtures, while they may look dry, should be inspected.
  • The nonmetallic-sheathed cable (Romex) wiring used in most all dwellings has a paper-type material on the inside that will absorb water. Even though the appliance or outlet may look dry, the wiring may be completely wet.
  • Any flickering lights may be a sign of hidden water damage and not be used until inspected and repair.
  • Flooded sockets will have to be replaced as the waters could corrode the device and insulation.
  • All dishwashers, laundry machines must be on ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) circuits.

St. Louis Homebuilders Launch Seventh Year Of Union Stimulus Home Buying Program

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A home buying stimulus program that successfully energized homebuilding during the Great Recession will launch its seventh year in May and support emerging trends in home ownership.  The Neighborhoods Built by Your Neighbors Program unites a group of St. Louis’ largest homebuilders and the construction trades to offer incentives to homebuyers.  Since it was launched in 2011, the program has built 1,680 homes housing approximately 5,000 people.

The construction trades are contributing nearly $1 million to the stimulus program, which will offer from $2,000 to $10,000 cash for use at closing based on the sales price of the home for the month of May. The savings will be offered on new homes built by the partnership of homebuilders and construction trades in Missouri communities.

The partnership members on the homebuilding side include Bridgewater CommunitiesFischer & FrichtelMcBride & Son HomesMcKelvey HomesPayne Family Homes and Simon Homes.  Among the construction trades, the partnership includes the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1St. Louis- Kansas City Carpenters Regional CouncilPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 562Sheet Metal Workers Local 36Greater St. Louis Construction Laborers, Painters District Council 58 and Cement Mason’s Local 527.

“The stimulus program put the dream of owning a home within reach even during the depths of the Great Recession,” said John F. Eilermann Jr., chairman and CEO of McBride & Son Companies. “With the economy strengthening, we want to sustain momentum and make home ownership possible for those on the margins, including Millennials who are beginning to embrace home ownership.”

Millennials were once thought to shun home ownership, but Money Magazine recently reported on a Bank of America report showing that Millennials, aged 18-34, now plan to own a home.

“Beyond helping people entering the home buying market who otherwise would not be able to afford a new home, the program is all about showing that good paying union jobs leads to more people buying homes and stimulating the economy as a whole, “ said Al Bond, executive secretary-treasurer of St. Louis- Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council. “The name of the program says it all ‘Neighborhoods built by your Neighbors’.”

Buyers of new homes will average $5,000 in cash from the unions for use at closing.

“We see this as not only a way to stimulate home buying, but to introduce another generation of home owners to the enduring value of our electrical and communications work” said Frank Jacobs, business manager, IBEW Local 1.  IBEW and the St. Louis Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association are uniting to support the program though its Electrical Connection partnership.

The program, which runs only during the month of May, showcases the unique and progressive relationship between St. Louis area unions and private homebuilders. It fact, it’s the only of its kind in the United States and is exclusive to the partnership members,

“Our local Unions are truly putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to keeping people working,” said Ken Kruse, president of Payne Family Homes. “They have committed nearly $1 million in cash for use at closing to home buyers. That really says a lot.”

“It’s real cash for use at closing and it’s in addition to St. Louis Union Homebuilding Partnership Builder’s best deal,” stated Jim Brennan, owner of McKelvey Homes. “It’s really an amazing deal for buyers.”

“This program is about neighbors coming together to make a difference,” stated John Fischer of Fischer & Frichtel Custom Homes. “That fact is when Union trades people are working they are buying other goods and services and the economy grows.”

Certificates will be distributed on a first come basis. The Union contributions are based upon man hours by trade on an average St. Louis home.

Barry Simon of Simon Homes agreed, “It is a great testament to the ‘can do’ spirit in St. Louis homebuilding. We are excited to be a part of it.”

“We are proud to be a part of this program; and giving an unprecedented deal for buyers,” said Bridgewater Communities President Tim Miller.

“We are pleased to be engaged in the stimulus program again as it is a great opportunity to showcase the quality, affordability and value that professional contractors employing well-trained union construction trades  can deliver,” said Doug Martin, CEO, of St. Louis Chapter NECA.  “NECA contractors and the IBEW work very closely with the homebuilders to thoughtfully plan and deliver residential electrical systems that integrate state-of-the-art technology with safe, reliable, code-compliant installation expertise.”

For more information, visit

Tarlton Tapped as Construction Manager on Renovation of Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum at Missouri Botanical Garden

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Crews will restore historic building and construct new addition; hidden gems of botanical history discovered above false ceiling.

Tarlton Corp., a St. Louis-based general contracting and construction management firm, is serving as construction manager on the renovation and addition to the Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum at the renowned Missouri Botanical Garden.

Tarlton’s scope of work on the 7,000-square-foot museum, which predates the Civil War, includes the restoration of the interior to closely align with the era of Henry Shaw, St. Louis businessman and founder of the Missouri Botanical Garden. The main level will be used for exhibits, while a portion of the renovated basement will be used as gallery space and other displays. Work includes the restoration of the building’s original tile floor, and stripping layers of paint from bookshelves. Energy-efficient upgrades include the installation of insulated glass in the building’s original windows and a new HVAC system. The team also will construct a new building that connects to the original museum, which will house public restrooms, fire stairs and an elevator, making the building accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The project is slated for completion in December.

The red brick building, which opened in 1859, is considered one of the most historically significant buildings in the Midwest and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The interior was modeled after buildings at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in England, and the exterior was designed by noted St. Louis architect George I. Barrett, who also designed Shaw’s country home (known as the Tower Grove House), as well as Shaw’s mausoleum located on garden grounds. The building has been closed to the public for more than three decades.

As the final budget was being developed, the Tarlton team removed part of a plaster drop ceiling in the building’s first-floor rear south room, a space that was slated to house the museum’s mechanical systems. It was there that crews uncovered hidden pieces of the garden’s history: the original barrel vaulted ceiling and painted portraits of three individuals who were greatly influential in the field of botany.

Hidden above the drop ceiling were portraits of George Engelmann, known as the “godfather of botanical science of the Missouri Botanical Garden,” a German-American physician, world-renowned botanist, longtime friend of Shaw and founding member of the St. Louis Academy of Science, as well as the National Academy of Sciences; Carl Linnaeus, an 18th century Swedish scientist known as the father of modern taxonomy, the scientific classification system for the naming of organisms; and a damaged third portrait of the pre-eminent American botanist of the 19th century, Asa Gray, of Harvard University. The design-construction team was then tasked with redesigning a portion of the project to preserve the portraits with the assistance of restoration experts, as well as conservators with the National Park Service. The museum was named for brothers Stephen and Peter Sachs in honor of the family’s support for the restoration. A wide range of generous donors also contributed to the restoration.

“We are excited to serve as construction manager on the Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum,” said Tracy Hart, Tarlton president. “It’s an honor and especially gratifying to work on a project of great historical significance and scope for the award-winning Missouri Botanical Garden, a favorite destination for St. Louisans and visitors from around the world.”

The Tarlton team includes Andy Kovarik, project executive; Sondra Rotty, senior project manager; Joshua Fisk, project manager; Greg Sweeso, estimator; Brian Julius, project engineer; and Dustin Norton, project superintendent. Christner Inc. is the project architect.

The museum renovation is the second Tarlton project for the Missouri Botanical Garden. The firm’s Concrete Division recently replaced a bridge in the Climatron®, one of the garden’s most popular attractions. 

In business since 1946, Tarlton Corp. is a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise that completes projects for wide-ranging clients in the commercial, life sciences, health care, institutional, power and industrial markets, also providing special expertise in concrete construction and restoration as well as hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services.


Founded in 1859, the Missouri Botanical Garden’s mission is “to discover and share knowledge about plants and their environment in order to preserve and enrich life.” Today, 158 years after opening, the Missouri Botanical Garden is a National Historic Landmark and a center for science, conservation, education and horticultural display.  

Midas Hospitality to Bring First Element by Westin to St. Louis

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A new eco-conscious hotel, which will be built at the home of a long-time area non-profit organization, is coming to St. Louis by 2019.

Owner Midas Forest Park, LLC, a subsidiary of Midas Hospitality, recently bought the current home of Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis (HFHSL) located at 3763 Forest Park Ave.  The 1.5 acre property was purchased for $2.4 million to make way for the $25 million Element by Westin.  Midas Hospitality will lease the non-profit organization space for up to one year while it relocates.

The hotel concept encourages renewal through a nature-influenced environment and is constructed with an efficient use of space and sustainability in mind.  The eight-story, 119,000-square-foot hotel will include 153 extended stay rooms and feature 10,000-square-foot retail space plus a rooftop lounge.

The environmentally-responsible rooms will have oversized windows to allow natural light plus fully-equipped kitchens with spa-inspired bathrooms.  The hotel will have an extensive fitness center, an all-natural saline pool, and a borrow-a-bike program for its guests.  Element will be located directly across from the St. Louis Foundry redevelopment.  It will back up to St. Louis University and be only three blocks from the Cortex Innovation District and one block from Ikea.

Midas Hospitality will manage the hotel.  The builder is MC Hotel Construction, a general contractor specializing in new hotel construction and renovations, which is the sister company of Midas Hospitality.  The architecture firm is Gray Design.  All three companies are based in St. Louis, Mo., and this is the first Element hotel built and managed by these businesses.  Carrolton Bank provided the financing for the acquisition.

“The vibrant midtown area is the perfect place for an environmentally-friendly Element by Westin,” said Midas Hospitality CEO David Robert.  “We are excited to work with this growing community by providing extended stay lodging to the university campuses, innovation district, and medical community.”

“We are delighted with the sale and what it will mean to our much needed work in the community.  As good stewards of our organization’s assets, we were pleased to be able to take advantage of the strong commercial real estate market in the area,” said Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis CEO Kimberly McKinney.  “For up to a year, we will be continuing our important work of building safe and affordable housing for hard working families from our current Forest Park Avenue location.  We look forward to sharing more information in the future on our operations for our city Habitat ReStore, our construction warehouse and our administrative offices in a conveniently relocated space.”

Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis (HFHSL) is a not-for-profit, ecumenical housing ministry working in partnership with individuals and communities of all faiths to improve housing conditions and provide safe, decent and affordable housing in St. Louis City and County.  In addition to a down payment and a mortgage, each HFHSL homebuyer invests 350 sweat-equity volunteer hours into building or rehabbing a home and attending life skills classes.  For more information, visit

Founded in 2006, Midas Hospitality has developed, opened and currently manages numerous properties including 30 hotels in 14 states.  The company serves global brands including Hilton, IHG, Marriott, and Starwood.  Midas Hospitality’s headquarters are located at 1804 Borman Circle Dr. in Maryland Heights, Mo.  For more information, call (314) 692-0100 or visit

MC Hotel Construction, which is also located at 1804 Borman Circle Dr., specializes in hotel construction and renovations with projects currently underway in six states.  MC Hotel Construction builds for leading brands such as Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Starwood and Legacy Suites.  For details, call (314) 339-6600 or visit

HBA Announces Sales, Marketing & Construction Award Winners

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The Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri (HBA) announced the winners of its annual Sales, Marketing & Construction (SMAC) Awards on Wednesday, April 26 at a ceremony at Greenbriar Hills Country Club in Kirkwood, Mo. The SMAC Awards honor excellence in the home building industry and are divided into three categories: Homes of the Year, Marketing & Advertising and Personal Achievement. Please see the next page for a list of winners.

The SMAC Awards were judged by staff and members of the St. Louis Association of REALTORS®. Click here for more information about judging criteria and the full entry packet.

The HBA is a local trade association of more than 600 member firms representing the residential construction industry.

Sales, Marketing & Construction Award Winners

The following HBA members and member companies were awarded for their achievements in 2016:

Homes of the Year Awardees

  • Display Home of the Year, Small Builder, 2,100-2,699 sq. ft. – Bridgewater Communities for the Warson at The Villas at Crimson
  • Display Home of the Year, Small Builder, 3,300-3,999 sq. ft. – McKelvey Homes for The Muirfield at Muirfield Manor
  • Display Home of the Year, Small Builder, 4,000-4,999 sq. ft. – McKelvey Homes for The Bellerive at Enclave Bellerive
  • Display Home of the Year, Large Builder, 1,800-2,099 sq. ft. – Payne Family Homes for The Geneva II at The Villages at Montrachet
  • Display Home of the Year, Large Builder, 2,100-2,699 sq. ft. — Payne Family Homes for The Meridian at The Villages of Provence
  • Display Home of the Year, Large Builder, 3,300-3,999 sq. ft. – PulteGroup for The Deer Valley at Bur Oaks
  • Staging Project of the Year, $200,001-$299,999 – FLAIR Home Stagings & Displays
  • Staging Project of the Year, $300,000-$399,999 – FLAIR Home Stagings & Displays
  • Staging Project of the Year, $400,000-$499,999 – FLAIR Home Stagings & Displays
  • Staging Project of the Year, $500,000-$749,999 – FLAIR Home Stagings & Displays
  • Staging Project of the Year, $750,000-$999,999 – FLAIR Home Stagings & Displays
  • Staging Project of the Year, Above $1 million – FLAIR Home Stagings & Displays
  • Remodeling Project of the Year, Overall Redesign – Liston Construction Company
  • Remodeling Project of the Year, Kitchen – Liston Construction Company
  • Remodeling Project of the Year, Miscellaneous Project – Liston Construction Company
  • Custom Homes of the Year – Hibbs Homes
  • Most Advanced Home of the Year – Hibbs Homes

Marketing & Advertising Awardees

  • Best Brochure Design, Builder – Payne Family Homes
  • Best Brochure Design, Associate – Bennett Premium Building Supplies
  • Best New Floor Plan – PulteGroup for the Meadowview at Chandler Ridge
  • Best Print Ad, Builder – Payne Family Homes 
  • Best Print Ad, Remodeler – Mosby Building Arts
  • Best Social Media, Builder – Payne Family Homes
  • Best Social Media, Associate – Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – Select Properties – The Boehmer Team
  • Best Specialty Niche, Builder – Bridgewater Communities
  • Best Specialty Niche, Remodeler – Mosby Building Arts
  • Best YouTube Commercial, Builder – Payne Family Homes
  • Best Sales Office Design, Builder – PulteGroup
  • Best Website, Associate – Titan Granite

Personal Achievement Awards 

  • New Home Community Salesperson of the Year – Lisa Seely, McBride & Son Homes
  • Rookie Salesperson of the Year – Christopher Todd Oliphant, PulteGroup 
  • Assistant Community Salesperson of the Year – Suzie Spasenoski, McKelvey Homes 
  • New Home Sales Manager of the Year – Cyndie Roche, Payne Family Homes 
  • Marketing Director of the Year – Cyndie Roche, Payne Family Homes
  • Construction Manager of the Year – Jay VanDerBeck, PulteGroup 
  • Real Estate Sales Manager/Agent of the Year – Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – Select Properties – The Boehmer Team 
  • Mortgage Professional of the Year – Trisha McConkey, Associated Bank 
  • Highest Closer, Dollar Volume – Clyde Oliver, McKelvey Homes 
  • Highest Closer, Number of Sold Units – Lisa Seely, McBride & Son Homes

Ameren Releases 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Report highlights how company balances responsibilities to customers, communities, shareholders, its workforce and the environment

The 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report for Ameren Corporation (NYSE: AEE) is now available at The voluntary report details Ameren’s commitment to energy sustainability and the company’s responsibilities to its many stakeholders.

The report addresses a range of topics, including environmental performance, community betterment and financial strength.

“Operating in a sustainable way requires us to carefully balance multiple priorities,” said Warner L. Baxter, Ameren’s chairman, president and chief executive officer.  “First, we have a responsibility to our customers and the communities we serve – we remain focused on delivering superior customer value, including very good reliability at reasonable prices. We also have a responsibility to shareholders, who are Ameren’s owners, and to our co-workers, with safety being one of our core values. And of course we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment and our shared world.”

Report highlights include:

 Cleaner air: Ameren has achieved significant decreases in emissions at its coal-fired energy centers since 2005. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions dropped by 26 percent, nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions dropped by 44 percent and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions were reduced by 63 percent.

 Economic Impact: Serving as an economic engine in Illinois and Missouri, Ameren made more than $2 billion of capital expenditures in 2016, supported a payroll of $994 million and paid $467 million in state and local taxes.

 Customer Value: Ameren Missouri’s and Ameren Illinois’ electric rates remain below the Midwest and U.S. averages. Even though Ameren’s prices are comparatively low, some customers need extra help, which is why Ameren partners with social agencies to administer bill assistance programs funded by company and customer contributions.

 Reliability: Ameren’s electric distribution reliability performance has improved, as measured by the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI). This important industry measure shows how Ameren has reduced the total number of interruptions per customer served per year.

 Charitable giving: Ameren contributed nearly $7.3 million in 2016 to nearly 1,000 nonprofit organizations throughout the two-state region.

 Financial performance: Ameren shareholders have seen a total cumulative shareholder return of 63 percent over the three-year period from Dec. 31, 2013, through Dec. 31, 2016, performance that beat indices such as the S&P 500 Utilities and Philadelphia Utility Index.

In October 2017, Ameren Missouri will release its updated 20-year energy generation plan. Baxter previewed this update in a video message that’s part of the report.

“We remain committed to transitioning to a cleaner, more diverse generation portfolio in a responsible fashion,” Baxter said.

Baxter continued: “Our vision – ‘Leading the Way to a Secure Energy Future’ – describes the future we work to enable: a future with cleaner energy and a stronger, smarter grid capable of delivering the products and services our customers value most, while delivering the long-term economic growth of the communities we serve and delivering superior value to the shareholders to whom we are accountable.”

St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation powers the quality of life for 2.4 million electric customers and more than 900,000 natural gas customers in a 64,000-square-mile area through its Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois rate-regulated utility subsidiaries. Ameren Illinois provides electric delivery and transmission service as well as natural gas delivery service. Ameren Missouri provides vertically integrated electric service, with generating capacity of over 10,200 megawatts, and natural gas delivery service. Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois develops regional electric transmission projects. For more information, visit, or follow us at @AmerenCorp, or LinkedIn/company/Ameren.

Download – Ameren’s two-page summary PDF.

MC Industrial Awarded SLCCC Best Practices & Inclusion Award

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MC Industrial, Inc., an independent McCarthy company, was awarded with a 2017 Construction Industry Best Practice Award by the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers (SLCCC) on March 6th, 2017 for the Boeing St. Louis Composite Center of Excellence project. Also recognized as a finalist, was MC Industrial’s NRG Powerton DSI & ESP Upgrades project.

The SLCCC presents the Best Practices awards annually to recognize successful implementation on construction projects of one or more of 17 Best Practices such as cost, schedule and quality.

The Boeing St. Louis Composite Center of Excellence is a more than ten-acre manufacturing and paint facility that signifies a growing economy in St. Louis, bringing in jobs and growth to the community. MC Industrial was worked hand-in-hand with Boeing to design and construct the center, self-performing many areas such as the pouring of concrete foundations and steel erection. After a redesign of the job and having record amounts of precipitation for consecutive months, MC Industrial continued to push forward with the schedule and successfully complete the project with the original completion date.

MC Industrial’s NRG Powerton DSI & ESP Upgrades project, awarded in June 2015, exhibited the complex challenges of a large-scale coal fleet modernization job with the power plant being NRG’s largest. The scope of work included installation of two new Trona Dry Sorbent Injection units, PDC building foundations, and associated balance of plant equipment and structures. The significant team performance needed to achieve success on a critical compliance-driven power project, was recognized as a 2017 SLCCC Best Practice Award finalist.

“We are honored to be recognized for the hard work and determination set forth throughout both the Boeing Composite Center of Excellence and NRG Powerton projects,” commented Bob Kohlburn, president of MC Industrial. “These SLCCC Best Practices awards are a testament to our firm’s commitment of being a trusted partner and delivering a best-value approach to each of our projects.” 

MC Industrial is a national construction firm, dedicated to the highly-specialized needs of the industrial marketplace.

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