City Resumes Planning Process For Maryland Park Lake District Development Area, Establishes Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The City of Maryland Heights has resumed the planning process for approximately 2,000 acres of land in the Maryland Park Lake District after development proposals received last year did not meet the City’s vision for the area.  As part of this process, the City has established a Stakeholder Advisory Committee of regulatory and planning agencies with jurisdiction over the area — plus major property owners — to work in partnership with City staff and its Economic Development and Planning Commissions in the preparation of the area’s development plan.

“The City’s vision of a regional sports, entertainment, hospitality and specialty retail destination with lots of open space and water features in the Maryland Park Lake District remains intact,” said Jim Krischke, City Administrator.  “What has changed is that the City is now implementing its own fully integrated planning process with the involvement of all our stakeholders instead of relying on developers to do this.  Once the plan is completed, developers can propose specific projects that fit directly into our master plan.  This is a proactive, holistic approach that balances the needs of the community with the desires of developers.”

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will consist of representatives from St. Louis County, Howard Bend Levee District, East-West Gateway Council of Governments, Bi-State Development, Great Rivers Greenway, the Parkway and Pattonville School Districts, Pattonville and Monarch Fire Protection Districts, Creve Coeur Airport, Riverport Business Park, Hollywood Casino and McBride Homes. The committee will provide comment and recommendations for the City to consider on a wide range of issues as a final plan for the area is prepared and approved. Committee meetings will be open to the public, and the public will be able to submit written comments to the Committee through the Maryland Park Lake District website once the Committee begins its work.

The Committee is tentatively scheduled to hold its first public meeting in March, with additional meetings held as determined by the Committee. The City anticipates its plans for the Maryland Park Lake District will be completed by late 2017.  At that point, the City will consider soliciting proposals from qualified developers to build and operate specific parts of the plan.

“Our partnership with the Stakeholder Advisory Committee provides the City access to the best expertise and planning tools available to make the Maryland Park Lake District the best it can be,” said Wayne Oldroyd, Community Development Director for the City.  “While there will always be concerns about any re-use of this area, we believe the greater public good will be served by making this area a premier catalyst for regional growth and development. And with all key stakeholders at the table, we believe the public will get behind our approach and our vision for this area.”

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