Deadline To Be Extended To June 30 For Maryland Park Lake District Redevelopment Proposal Submissions

The City of Maryland Heights will extend its submission deadline for receipt of proposals from parties interested in developing an approximately 1,800-acre area located along the Maryland Heights Expressway known as the Maryland Park Lake District (MPLD) to June 30, 2016, at 4:00 p.m.

“Due to a recently proposed ice sports complex development to be located adjacent to the MPLD, the City Council believes it would be prudent to extend the submission deadline to June 30, 2016, so prospective developers have sufficient time to consider the impact of the proposed hockey complex on any potential MPLD redevelopment proposal,” said City Administrator James S. Krischke.  “A resolution to extend the city’s MPLD real estate development submission deadline to June 30 is currently before the City Council and we expect that resolution to be approved by the City Council at its June 2 meeting.”

On February 4, 2016, the City Council authorized staff to seek requests for proposals for redevelopment projects within the MPLD and set April 15, 2016 as the proposal submission deadline, which later was extended to May 31, 2016.  The City will consider proposals from qualified developers interested in redeveloping all or a portion of the area in a manner consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan for the MPLD. The Comprehensive Plan for the MPLD contemplates that the area will be redeveloped for a mix of uses, which may include regional retail, office campus, hospitality and entertainment venues, regional sport venues, and residential developments, together with appropriate accessory commercial uses carefully integrated into a town center development.

On Monday May 23, the St. Louis Blues hockey team announced plans for the proposed development of a $35 million practice facility next to Creve Coeur Lake Park, which is located on Marine Avenue in Maryland Heights on land owned by St. Louis County. With seating for 1,800 spectators, the proposed complex would host youth and collegiate hockey as well as St. Louis Blues practice sessions, according to St. Louis Blues officials. Team officials said they hope to open the ice complex in late 2018.

“We plan to announce the proposals we have received and the next steps in the development process at the conclusion of the submission period on June 30,” Krischke added.

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