Gateway Composites Expands Carbon Fabric Product Line as Exclusive Manufacturer of Fiberlock Concrete Repair System

St. Louis-based Gateway Composites has expanded its carbon fabric product line as the exclusive manufacturer of FiberLock, a concrete crack repair system combining carbon fabric technology with an epoxy resin. Fiberlock has a 15-year track record of repairing cracked foundations, slabs and walls in both commercial and residential infrastructure. All FiberLock systems now feature Gateway Composites’ carbon fabrics exclusively.

“FiberLock is a perfect complement to our family of private labeled systems and expands our presence in the commercial and residential infrastructure markets,” said Joe Dattilo, president of Gateway Composites, which has focused on the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of carbon fiber fabrics and supportive products since 2006. “As a premier carbon fabric supplier and partner for private-label customers, we continue to pursue opportunities for market growth in multiple industries.”

The FiberLock system seals, stabilizes, and strengthens the structural integrity of cracked walls and building foundations. Fiberlock can be used to repair vertical, horizontal and corner foundation wall cracks in homes, bridges, commercial buildings, parking garages and more.

“With their knowledge and expertise in carbon fiber, fabrics and their applications, Gateway Composites has developed next generation products that provide true composite solutions for infrastructure repair and reinforcement,” said Craig Bogard, inventor of Fiberlock.

Other Gateway Composite products include carbon fiber fabrics, rods, staples and laminate strips; composite rebar and stitching dowels; chopped/milled carbon fibers; and application-specific resin systems. Gateway Composite also custom engineers carbon fabrics to a client’s specific application and Critical to Quality (CTQ) characteristics including fiber tensile properties, fabric area weight, width and weave construction.

Gateway Composites designs, custom engineers and manufactures carbon fiber fabric solutions for the residential and commercial infrastructure, oil and gas, telecommunications, mining, automotive, marine, sports and recreation industries. 

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