HDA Designing New Corporate Headquarters for ADB Companies


HDA is designing a new Corporate Headquarters for ADB Companies in Pacific, Missouri. The project will consist of a 36,852 square-foot office building and a 24,137 square-foot maintenance building.

The project features an industrial interior design aesthetic with bold colorful accents that represent the company brand. Exposed ceilings, concrete floors, and wood accent walls are a few of the design features that can be expected throughout the space. Highlights of the project include an impressive 2-story lobby entrance and a lounge space that is designed to foster the company culture and promote a dynamic work environment.

The project is set to be complete in December 2018. ADB Companies is part of the Keeley Companies family www.keeleycompanies.com


“We are grateful for HDA and all the amazing Partners working so hard to make ADB’s dream a reality.”


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