Holland Construction Services Building Addition at Carlyle High School


Holland Construction Services is in the process of constructing a $4 million addition to Carlyle High School. The project includes a 10,000 square-foot building addition which will consist of a new multi-purpose cafeteria and kitchen area as well as offices, bathrooms, and a lobby.

Holland Project Manager Brian Dayton said his team has been working with both the design team and school administrators closely to ensure that the new space would be multi-functional.

“This is the type of project where our specialized knowledge and expertise on educational construction projects can be very useful,” said Dayton. “Quality, durability, flexibility, safety and cost control are always top of mind on a project like this. Our goal is to make sure we are creating an addition that will meet the district’s needs from both a budget and functionality standpoint. The entire team has been very pleased with how this addition has progressed.”

The new multi-purpose room will have multiple benefits including allowing high school students to eat lunch inside the school building as opposed to leaving campus. It will also allow for a new entrance to the school offices with a secured entry vestibule which improves school security. Carlyle School District Superintendent, Annie Gray, who took over as Superintendent after the project was already underway, said the project is going to make the most of the space.

“It’s never easy to step into the middle of a major construction project, especially while also dealing with COVID-19,” said Gray. “However, Holland has done an excellent job of keeping me filled in on all the progress and has been extremely responsive to any questions I might have. These additions, especially the added security features, will be a tremendous benefit to our staff and students.”

The project is expected to be completed in January 2021.

Holland Construction Services is a full-service construction management, general contracting, and design/build firm guided by the principle of providing clients the best possible build experience on every project.  Holland has been providing quality construction services throughout Illinois and Missouri since 1986, when it was founded by company CEO Bruce Holland. For more information, visit Holland’s website at www.hollandcs.com.

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