Holland Construction Services Building New Volpi Foods Processing Facility


Holland Construction Services is working on a new 87,000-square-foot food processing facility for Volpi Foods. The two-story meat slicing and packaging plant will be located at 20 Progress Drive in Union, Missouri and will connect to Volpi’s current prosciutto processing plant.

Holland Senior Project Manager, Steve Teipe, said the building will be a tilt-up project, with the 42-foot-tall wall panels cast on-site and then lifted into place with a lattice boom crane. Holland has an in-house team specializing in industrial projects of this nature and Teipe said they were prepared to meet the unique needs of this development.

“Volpi needed a facility that had plenty of room for their freezer and meat processing equipment located on the second floor,” said Teipe. “Which means there will be a lot of weight on the second floor so we had to work closely with the design team and take measures to ensure the building was structurally sound in order to adequately support that weight and function accordingly.”

Volpi Foods has operated a facility in the historic Hill neighborhood for 118 years producing specialty meats. President of Volpi Foods, Lorenza Pasetti, said they are maintaining their current location on The Hill but are expanding their business to accommodate their continued growth.

“This is our first project working with Holland and we knew we wanted to work with a company with integrity and experience with this type of industrial project,” said Pasetti. “We have been very pleased with how the project has progressed and are excited for how this added facility will help our business expand in the future.”

Groundwork on the project began in May and the food processing facility is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021.

Holland Construction Services is a full-service construction management, general contracting, and design/build firm based in Swansea, Ill., guided by the principle of providing clients the best possible build experience on every project.  Holland has been providing quality construction services throughout Illinois and Missouri since 1986, when it was founded by company CEO Bruce Holland. For more information, visit Holland’s website at www.hollandcs.com.

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