Kozeny-Wagner Welcomes James Eads decedents


Fate is a mysterious thing! These two ladies got lost on their trip around St. Louis, MO and ended up in our lobby! They took a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi from New Orleans to St. Louis. They live in Denmark. They also happen to be the great granddaughter, Ragha Sloane (pictured in blue) and great-great granddaughter, Lisa Hoi Houser (pictured in red) of Martha and James B. Eads!

James B. Eads was the designer and builder of Eads Bridge. They took a trip down I-55 to Mound City near Cairo, IL to view one of the famous gunboats James Eads built. They were heading back north to Bellefontaine Cemetery to visit Martha and James burial place.

On their way to Bellefontaine, they took a wrong turn and ended up in our lobby looking for directions. While in our lobby, they noticed pictures of the bridges on the wall and were excited to let us know the connection. Lots of Eads stories and history were shared. They also found it ironic that they get lost and stumble upon a company that builds bridges. How crazy, cool and ironic is that?!

Pictured in the photo above are from left to right; Patrick Kozeny, President of Kozeny-Wagner, Gordon Raney, Director of Civil Estimating, Lisa Hoi Houser, Shane Williams, Vice President Civil, Ragha Sloane and Christopher Kozeny, Project Engineer.

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