Landco Construction introduces PRONTO! a new commercial handyman service


Property and facility managers breathe collective sigh of relief as ‘to do’ lists become suddenly manageable 

Landco Construction, a leading St. Louis interior construction company, has introduced a new commercial handyman service to help property and facility managers tackle time-consuming repairs and maintenance.

Landco CEO Linda Bernhard says, “Pronto! was created in response to a growing number of clients who regularly express that their ‘…little projects are causing big headaches’.” According to Bernhard, “Managers are wall-to-wall with responsibilities and still have to knock off as many things on their ‘to-do’ lists as they can, but they don’t have all day to call numerous contractors or vet their reliability.” Landco believes a reliable ‘one-and-done’ maintenance and repair service fills a niche these managers need.

“There are a lot of individual or small independent contractors, but most of them specialize in just one or two services and sometimes they get so busy that reliability is an issue,” she notes.

“Big construction firms are focused on building, not repairing and maintaining, so they’re not putting resources to it.”

Pronto! offers commercial carpentry, painting services, general contractor/multi-trade projects, storm/disaster response services, and more. All services are performed by Union carpenters and contractors, ensuring quality work is done on time and on budget.

“It’s a unique approach for the area,” Bernhard says, “and it aligns with the ‘service-first’ approach that’s built our Landco reputation these past 20 years.”

To learn more about Pronto!, the new commercial handyman service from Landco Construction, call 314-501-2300 or go to: 

Since 2001, Landco Construction has built astounding interior projects – and a strong reputation with clients for collaboration, consistency and service. A Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), Landco is led by CEO Linda Bernhard and her talented, experienced team of project managers and craftsmen (and women). Her vision reflects the company’s founding vision: Service, above all else. It’s why Landco has received multiple ASA Contractor of the Year awards, and why they’re consistently among the top construction companies in St. Louis.

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