Lawrence Fabric and Metal Structures Receives 2022 International Achievement Award

During the October 2022 annual Advanced Textiles Association Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lawrence Fabric and Metal Structureswas recognized with International Achievement Awards for design and excellence in fabric productions and applications! The Lawrence Team was honored to receive not one, but two, Outstanding Achievement Awards. This pair of awards includes work for Parkside Grille in the Commercial Awnings & Canopies category and one for the Missouri History Museum St. Louis Sound in the Fabric Graphics category. To learn more about these award-winning projects, visit

Outstanding Achievement – Fabric Graphics-Missouri History Museum St. Louis Sound

Fabricated and installed six hanging graphic banners on the outside of the History Museum building east and west sides. Printed on Mesh fabric with 2” flat stock on perimeter. Banner sizes included two 10’ x 27’, two 18’ x 27’ two 11’ x 21’. Installed with 3/8” x 3 screw bolts 1” self-tapping screws. The sheer size of all the hanging banners is a unique aspect of this project.  We had to custom design and fabricate banner hanging framework and the 40′ high installation was challenging.

Outstanding Achievement –Commercial Awnings & Canopies <1000 Sq ft-Parkside Grille

Parkside Grille outdoor fabric patio canopy with radius front, 32’ 7” wide x 4’ 4”. high (including 1’ box) x 5’ 2” projection. Fabric is Weblon Coastline plus traditional stripes Pirate Black & White. Aluminum square tubing framework, with four galvanized post supports mounted to existing concrete. The challenging and unique design aspect of this canopy was getting the stripes in the fabric to match up at the radius angles.

Winners were selected based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function. Judges included industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals who were chosen for their knowledge in a particular field of study or product area. 

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