LCS, Archimages Complete St. Charles County Ambulance District Headquarters


St. Charles County Ambulance District has a new home and centralized support facility.

In early June, O’Fallon-based LCS and Kirkwood-based Archimages completed the new headquarters for an ambulance district serving residents and businesses countywide, one that is built to respond to more than 45,000 emergency service requests annually but accommodate a projected annual increase to as many as 70,000 requests annually in the years ahead.

The headquarters is located north of Interstate 70 in St. Peters.

Design on the 140,000-square-foot facility began in mid-2018, according to Roy Mangan, project manager and associate at Archimages. The expansive building is positioned to support 18 base stations throughout St. Charles County, Mangan said. Designed as a two-story administrative facility in front and a single-story, high-ceiling, warehouse-style building in the rear, the new headquarters contains four large training rooms, multiple breakout rooms, a library, simulation spaces, offices and areas for community outreach and engagement and more.

“We were very conscious about vapor barriers and thermal properties of this building,” said Mangan. “Its design includes energy efficiencies such as daylight harvesting for the multi-story office component.”

Steve Layne, principal and project manager at LCS, said construction began in early March 2020 and wrapped up in early June 2021.

“Our company builds a lot of life safety facilities, but not yet to the magnitude of this facility,” Layne said. “We were able to deliver the project approximately 30 days ahead of schedule and under budget as well.”

Tilt-up concrete panels are a prominent project feature, as are 22-foot and 24-foot ceiling heights in the rear of the building where the service bays, fleet center, parking areas and high-rack storage are located.

“Bringing the district’s emergency responders together in a centralized location and supporting their base stations throughout St. Charles County brings efficiencies that will benefit communities for years to come,” Mangan said.

The $30 million project was funded by voters as part of $70 million general bond package passed via a countywide referendum in 2018.

Subcontractors who worked on this project include:

Concrete                                                                                                 Fenix Construction

Precast Architectural Concrete                                                                Mid America Precast / Weaver Steel

Unit Masonry                                                                                           JDS Masonry

Structural Steel                                                                                         Region Welding / Big Boy Steel Erectors

Carpentry                                                                                                  AME Constructors

Architectural Wood Casework                                                                 Tops Unlimited

Flashings & Sheet Metal, Metal Composite Wall Panels                     David Hyde & Associates

Thermoplastic-Polyolefin Roofing                                                            Meinershagen

Joint Sealants                                                                                            McDonnell Building Sealants

Doors, Frames & Hardware                                                                      H&G Sales

Coiling Doors, Sectional Doors, Dock Equipment                                 Zumwalt Corporation

Aluminum-Framed Storefronts, Curtain Walls                                     Presley’s Glass

Gypsum Board Assemblies, Acoustical Ceilings                                    TJ Wies Drywall

Flooring                                                                                                     Flooring Systems Incorporated

Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating                                                               Missouri Terrazzo

Interior Chain Link Fences and Gates                                                     JB Fence

Acoustic Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems                                                Golterman & Sabo

Painting                                                                                                     CCIMW

Phenolic Toilet Compartments                                                                 Warehouse Design

Folding Panel Partitions                                                                             Golterman and Sabo

Hydraulic Elevators                                                                                    Schneider

Fire Suppression                                                                                         Bi-State Fire Protection

Plumbing                                                                                                    Merlo

HVAC                                                                                                          Rock Hill Mechanical

Electrical, Communications, Electronic Safety & Security                  Warren County Electric

Earthwork                                                                                                    Kuesel Excavating

Asphalt Paving                                                                                             XL Contracting

Chain Link Fences and Gates                                                                     JB Fence

Landscaping & Underground Irrigation System                                    Conoyer Brothers

Site Utilities                                                                                                 Kuesel Excavating

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