Local Propane Suppliers Provide Industry Leadership


During its recent Annual Meeting, the Missouri Propane Gas Association set its Board of Directors for the coming year.  The recognition took place during the organization’s annual meeting on July 28. The 2022-23 MPGA Board of Directors is:

Executive Committee

President                         Luke Fitzpatrick                     MFA Oil                                     Wardsville

Vice President                 Mark Porth                            CHS                                           Lawson

Treasurer                         Samantha Johnson                Reed Oil                                     Doniphan              

Past President Chair        Brian Brooks                          Brooks Gas                                 Marshfiel


NPGA State Director       John Brooks                           Brooks Gas                                Marshfield

Region 1 Senior              Scot Schumer                         Amerigas                                  Kirksville

Region 1 Junior              Tim Peach                               Pinnacle Propane                      Quincy, IL

Region 2 Senior             Steve Jenkins                          Jenkins Propane                        Tina

Region 2 Junior              Kevin Salley                             Salley’s Propane                        Bates City

Region 3 Senior             Mikal Thornhill                       All Weather Propane                  Centrailia

Region 3 Junior               Bill Jung                                 MFA                                            Gravois Mills

Region 4 Senior               Jason Bond                            MFA                                           Neosho

Region 5 Senior               Roger Hoff                            Hoff Brothers                             Perryville

Region 5 Junior                Mitch Dane                            Titan                                          Houston

Associate Director            Brian Humphrey                    InSite Platform Partners            St. Charles

Associate Director            Ron Keeling                            LPG Ventures                            Kearney

Associate Director            Jared Ballard                           Nixon & Lindstrom                   Springfield

MPGA is a not-for-profit trade association organized to promote the safe and efficient use of propane. According to the U.S. Census, approximately 9% of Missouri’s households use propane for heating, hot water and cooking. Recognized for its environmental benefits, propane is also widely used in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and transportation as a safe and versatile energy source.

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