Malachi Rein, Director of Building Energy Exchange St. Louis, Named Smart Buildings Center’s 2023 Building Operator of the Year


Malachi Rein, Director of the Building Energy Exchange St. Louis (BE-Ex STL), has been named the 2023 Building Operator of the Year by the Smart Buildings Center (SBC) and the Building Operator Certification (BOC) program. The award recognizes people working to improve the energy efficiency of their work environment using skills they learned in the organization’s Building Operator Certification (BOC) program. Part of a national network of regional resource hubs, BE-Ex STL provides programs and resources to support the large-scale improvement of the St. Louis region’s building stock. As the second leader of BE-Ex STL, Rein is paving the path for the organization’s work.

“Malachi believes in the investment in building operators who instrumentally support society and have great potential to be needed agents of positive change in their everyday work and advocates for more people to have the opportunity to attend BOC training,” said the BOC of Rein in a statement.

Building Operator Certification (BOC) is professional development training for operations and maintenance staff working in public, commercial and institutional buildings. The training offers a series of courses on the energy and resource-efficient operation of buildings. Malachi is working with utility company Spire to promote and increase participation in upcoming classes .

In his role at BE-EX STL Rein develops and delivers educational programs, facilitates industry connections, advises stakeholders on regulation and financing and helps the building and design community acquire advanced skills. Through this work Rein has become a respected leader in conversations about energy efficiency, workforce development, building performance standards, and more. His leadership in this area has helped elevate the role of St. Louis as an example to other cities.

Part of a national network of regional resource hubs, Building Energy Exchange St. Louis (BE-Ex STL) works to advance building energy performance by mobilizing the professional expertise, funding, and technical resources the real estate industry needs to address affordability, improve the health and comfort of residents, and position St. Louis as a resilient and carbon neutral region. BE-Ex STL is administered by USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter and has launched with foundational support from Washington University, Ameren Missouri, Spire, the Leon Lowenstein Foundation, NRDC, and other key partners locally and nationally.

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