Midas Hospitality & MC Hotel Construction Move Headquarters

Hotel industry’s sister companies remain in Maryland Heights

Midas Hospitality, a premier hotel management group, and sister company MC Hotel Construction, a general contractor specializing in new hotel construction and renovations, recently relocated their headquarters to 1804 Borman Circle Dr. in Maryland Heights.

The 20,000-square-foot building, which was purchased for $1.85 million, had $750,000 in renovations.  The building’s entire interior was gutted and rebuilt, highlighting an overall modern design.  MC Hotel Construction made the renovations, and Gray Design was the project’s architect.

The companies, which have a combined 45 employees, were previously headquartered at 11701 Borman Dr. in Maryland Heights since 2010.

“Since we are in the construction industry, we knew the renovations that were necessary to make this building our ideal headquarters,” said Midas Hospitality’s Managing Member J.T. Norville.  “We took our time and created a place that embraces functionality, great workplace culture, and exceptional design.”  Norville added that the two companies each have their own areas of operation that complement each other yet remain unique in terms of vibrant colors and individualized workspaces.

Midas Hospitality is one of the Midwest’s premier hotel management groups. MC Hotel Construction, a hotel construction and renovation specialist, has built seven hotels, completed five renovations, and currently has seven projects under construction for Hilton, IHG, Marriott, and Starwood.

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