Missouri Green Schools Honors 18 Schools for Sustainability Strides


Missouri Green Schools (MGS) today announced its 2023 honorees, recognizing 18 schools for their commitment to improving the health and wellness of students and staff, lowering their environmental impact, and providing place-based education.

“By achieving Sprout, Seedling and Sapling level recognition these Missouri schools are embracing green and healthy practices within their campuses, curriculum, and culture,” said Hope Gribble, MGS co-director.

MGS is a state level recognition and support program co-managed by the Missouri Gateway Green Building Council and the Missouri Environmental Education Association. MGS annually recognizes schools for initiatives ranging from designing accessible gardens to establishing diverse Green Teams which foster Whole-School Sustainability.

MGS 2023 Honorees


● Bridgeway Elementary School

● Central High School

● City Garden Montessori School

● Holland Elementary

● Marvin Elementary School

● Normandy Early Childhood Center

● Oakville Elementary School

● St. Teresa’s Academy

● Brittany Woods Middle School

● Central Primary School

● Crestwood Elementary

● Hixson Middle School

● Patrick Henry Downtown Academy


● Forsyth School

● Flance Early Learning Center

● Nerinx Hall

● Principia School

● Sunrise R-9 School

Sprout schools are honored for involving school administration, beginning to benchmark and

track improvement, and setting goals towards further advancement of green and healthy

practices. Seedling schools additionally document a sustainability-related achievement in at

least one educational program. Sapling schools additionally document their long term impacts,

such as reduction of energy or water usage over a 1 to 3 year period.

Missouri Green Schools will continue to support these 18 schools as they track achievements,

set new goals, and strive to make a difference in the lives of their students and staff and in their

communities. Interested in learning more about becoming a Missouri Green School or assisting

schools in the program? Visit showmegreenschools.org.

“2023 Honorees: Their MGS Experience”

● “At Central High School, sustainability initiatives have the potential to positively transform

school communities by fostering environmental awareness, reducing costs, providing

educational opportunities, and promoting a sense of community and responsibility.

These changes contribute to a more vibrant and forward-thinking school environment.”

Paul Epps, Central High School

● “The students at Hixson Middle School have stepped up and started making meaningful

changes in both our building as well as our community. Learning about, and putting into

place action plans that have a positive impact on their surroundings such as creating a

classroom recycling program and creating a large outdoor sustainable classroom area.

We plan to continue our learning journey, one step at a time, trying our best to make

positive differences in the lives of those around us.” Eric Hayes, Hixson Middle School

● “Flance continues to be a tremendous resource by providing children and their families

with the education surrounding sustainability and equipping them with the foundational

knowledge needed to carry these principles into the future.” Stefanie Ayotte, Flance

Early Learning Center

● “At Principia, I love that as we increase our intentionality around sustainability, our

community can understand how these actions are a powerful way to love our planet,

care for our resources, and support the wellbeing of people.” Lynne Scott, Principia


● “Missouri Green Schools has provided us with a framework to help us implement

sustainability initiatives in our school. Our students are very invested in making positive

change within our school and community and we look forward to achieving our goals!”

Sarah Holmes, St. Teresa’s Academy

● “The best part about incorporating sustainability practices at Bridgeway has been seeing

the impact it has had on students and staff. From students teaching other students

about the importance of reducing waste to classrooms raising, tagging and releasing

monarch butterflies in the garden, we know that little steps of change can make a big

difference. Some students have said it best! Eli says, “When we do good things for

Earth, we also do good things for people!” Chloe added that, “My favorite part about

teaching classrooms was seeing kids get excited about making less trash and saving the

earth!” Jeanne Fernandez, Eli, and Chloe, Bridgeway Elementary School

● “Members of the Forsyth School community strive to be better caretakers of the Earth

with the help of the Missouri Green School’s sustainability suggestions. Last year,

students led these efforts with their enthusiasm and developing knowledge through the

Waste Ambassador group as well as through a “turn the lights off campaign.” Susan

Zareh and Christine Torlina, Forsyth School

● “Through our commitment to sustainable practices, we have created a culture of

responsibility and empathy for our environment and all living things. Crestwood

Elementary is not just a place of learning, it’s a real life example of how small actions

can make a big impact and inspire positive change in the world.” Beth Bridwell,,

Crestwood Elementary

● “At Brittany Woods MIddle School, students apply the principles of sustainability not just

to the planet, but to their own lives. Our community is lifted as students develop personal

and group empowerment, manage their resources with increasing thoughtfulness, and

work together to create a supportive school environment.” Anne Cummings, Brittany

Woods Middle School

● “Marvin Elementary is proud to be honored this year at the Sprout level with Missouri

Green Schools. Marvin has adopted a new cultivation of curiosity mindset when it comes

to sustainability. We are looking forward this year to growing our green team and

expanding our sustainability efforts within our school, district, and community. Our efforts

are aimed to make our school a more ‘green’ place to be! This year we have our sights

set on achieving the Seedling level by establishing a ‘Green Team’ and creating a

school-wide goal centered around sustainability. We look forward to continuing our

partnership with Missouri Green Schools and are grateful for the support of the Green

Schools Community!” Ashley Heede, Marvin Elementary School

● “Sustainability has made our school community better in so many ways! We now do

things to take care of our planet, like recycling and using less energy. Our school garden

teaches us about growing our own food, and it’s fun too. We’ve learned about saving

water and using less plastic. It’s not just good for the Earth; it’s good for us too, because

we’re healthier and happier when we help the environment!” Michelle Peak, Holland

Elementary School

● “At City Garden Montessori School, students are exposed to many nature learning

opportunities in our outdoor learning spaces. Alongside our goal to instill a great sense

of social justice and global citizenship, students are empowered to work towards social

change, environmental protection, and community transformation. It is our goal to

continue to build on our foundation of school-wide sustainability measures by making

more connections with our growing community. We are really looking forward to our

student-led nature-play outdoor equipment STEAM project and new chicken coop

initiative involving students and families. We appreciate all the support of Missouri Green

Schools! Thank you for the Sprout Level recognition this year!” Lauren Denney, City

Garden Montessori

● “This is awesome.” Ms. Johnson, Normandy Early Childhood Center

● “The Patrick Henry Downtown Academy community has benefited greatly by the vast

sustainability efforts we’ve put into place. Our hope is that the merger of environmental

and academic education will open the window of opportunities for our scholars in a way

that cultivates their growth and prepares them for the future.” Dr. Chavon Curry, Patrick

Henry Downtown Academy

● “Our students have graciously embraced environmental consciousness. Their work in

the garden and with recycling is something in which they take great pride. They have a

grasp of the importance of sustainability that most kids their age don’t show. It’s

encouraging to know we’re imparting this knowledge on a generation that cares about

this cause.” Coach McBride, Sunrise R-9 School

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