Mark McClanahan

Mosby President Named Member of Joint Center for Housing Studies Steering Committee

Mark McClanahan represents St. Louis remodeling with the Harvard University program

Mark McClanahan, President of St. Louis remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts, has been named a member of the Remodeling Futures Steering Committee for theJoint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, the preeminent research center for the residential sector of the American economy. He is one of only 8 people nationwide who specifically represent the remodeling aspect of residential housing.

As part of his committee appointment, McClanahan will meet with groups of housing industry leaders 4 times a year to share insights and analyze trends in housing. He recently took part in the Remodeling Futures Conference in Cambridge, MA, an event he describes as “a meeting of the nation’s top remodeling leaders.”

“The Joint Center for Housing Studies is a cross-section of professionals from every sector of housing, and I’m honored to have been asked to have been part of a panel discussion on the current status of residential remodeling,” said McClanahan. “The recent conference provided valuable insights into consumer and industry professional attitudes toward the on-line home services market, generational shifts in housing needs, and the evolving structure of the home improvement industry.”

During McClanahan’s 2 year tenure he will regularly take part in surveys, seminars and conferences. “I believe the most valuable aspects of being a member of the Remodeling Futures Program are feeling the pulse of the health of the industry, and having influence in the direction of the research the Harvard team performs. Mosby Building Arts strives to elevate the reputation and skills of the remodeling industry, so the steering committee is the best place for us to enact these changes.”

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