NCCET Presents Workforce Program Award to Ranken Technical College


The National Council for Continuing Education & Training (NCCET), an organization for leaders in workforce, community, and economic development, has honored Ranken Technical College with its Exemplary Program Award.

Ranken was chosen as a result of its Workforce Education Alliance Program in Perryville, Mo.

In 2017, industry leaders from the Perryville area met with Ranken to propose a partnership in which Ranken would develop and operate a satellite site locally and assist in developing a skilled trained workforce for the region. By 2018, with the direct support of local industries and local governmental agencies, Ranken opened a full-service campus in Perryville that provided hands-on instruction in areas such as welding, robotics, process control, industrial technologies information technology, diesel technology and commercial driver’s license (CDL).

As an integral part of the course offerings at the site, an Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) Apprenticeship program was specifically tailored to local industry needs. The foundation of the instruction is the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) curricula. Embedded within an Associate’s Degree program, students receive instruction in eight core areas, including mechanical and electrical systems, welding, hydraulics and piping; students are then offered a variety of advanced topics of instructions depending upon interest or needs of the sponsoring industry (e.g. pneumatics, process control). After four weeks of training, the students transition to a paid internship, giving them a deeper understanding through real-world experience. The IET program has been officially registered by the U.S. Department of Labor as an apprenticeship. At the conclusion of a two-year (five semester) period, these continuing education students earn an associate’s degree (with over 90 credit hours) and a minimum of eight recognized industry certifications.

“The Workforce Education Alliance Program in Perryville was established at the behest of private employers and the community in response to a critical talent shortage,” said Ranken President Stan Shoun. “The Program has proven to be of high value to the manufacturing sector regionally, and Ranken believes it can be adapted by any college with a specific workforce need and a robust partnership.”

Ranken Technical College is a private, non-profit, degree-granting institution of higher learning whose primary mission is to provide the comprehensive education and training necessary to prepare students for employment and advancement in a variety of technical fields. For more information, visit

Photo Above: Ranken IET Instructor Mark Malcinski (on the left) receives the NCCET award from NCCET President-Elect Howard Drake (on the right).

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