New LCPtracker Solution for Certified Payroll

LCPtracker, a leading provider for prevailing wage compliance and workforce reporting, announced release of an optimized LCPcertified public works payroll reporting solution to enable companies small and large to submit certified payroll reports (CPRs) cleanly and accurately to any requesting body.

LCPcertified is now available in three distinct packages:

  • LCPcertified Basic
  • LCPcertified Plus
  • LCPcertified Professional

LCPcertified Basic is for the smaller companies that simply need to produce certified payroll reports, one state at a time. LCPcertified’s validation engine checks for prevailing wage compliance specific to State wage determinations.

LCPcertified Plus is for the small to mid-sized market space. In addition to the features of the LCPcertified Basic package, LCPcertified Plus gives users the ability to enter in their own prevailing wage rates and keep track of them in one complete system. LCPcertified Plus also offers a complete list of validations that include data completeness, State wage rate validations, and a rate sheet feature that assists with managing Federal wage rate compliance.

LCPcertified Professional is dedicated to the larger company market space. In addition to the features of the LCPcertified Plus package, LCPcertified Professional offers a powerful bulk-processing feature that allows for the quick and easy production of hundreds of certified payroll reports, all at the click of a button. LCPcertified Professional has an auto-distribution feature that allows a contractor to email the CPRs to requesting agencies directly through the system. LCPcertified Professional also provides summary and monthly reports specific to public works requirements such as workforce utilization reports, EEO reports, and ROCIP reporting.

Todd Calvert, product manager of LCPcertified, said: “Our new packages for LCPcertified offer three key benefits to clients including the ability to create a clean, accurate certified payroll report specific to their area. The data is then validated by our extensive validation engine and users are instantaneously notified if errors exist. And lastly, there are no implementation or setup fees; users just log in and start producing reports.”

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