New Promotions Inside NSC


Some exciting changes are underway at NSC an HVAC Distributor in St. Louis. 

Cherie Griffith

Cherie Griffith, current inside sales manager, is being promoted to the role of Business Development Director.  In this role, Cherie will focus primarily on the tracking and influencing of construction projects throughout Missouri and Kansas markets for both Applied Products Group (HVAC) and PVF distribution divisions. In addition, she will be responsible for furthering NSC relationships at the owner/developer, engineering/architectural and general contracting levels.

Kelly Lucas

NSC is equally excited to announce that Kelly Lucas has been promoted to Inside Sales Manager. A smooth and seamless transition within our inside sales group is anticipated as Kelly is an extremely competent longtime NSC employee. 

This transition will be happening over the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021.

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