Office of Administration Announces Phase I Completion of State Capitol Project

First phase of $40 million project to renovate and repair historic structure finished ahead of schedule

The Office of Administration today announced the completion of Phase I of the Missouri State Capitol construction project. As a result, all south side entrances will re-open immediately and are anticipated to remain open throughout Inauguration activities and the 2017 Legislative Session. Design of Phase I of the project began in 2015 with construction beginning this past spring. Phase I is finishing more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

“We are incredibly pleased that Phase I of this project has gone as smoothly as it has and is wrapping up earlier than anticipated,” Office of Administration Commissioner Doug Nelson said. “The renovation and repair of our State Capitol has been a priority for Governor Nixon and the General Assembly, and the ongoing construction project will ensure that the historic structure is preserved so it can continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.”

“The state employees, project consultants and contractors involved with a project of this scale have truly stepped up to the plate and delivered,” said Facilities Management, Design and Construction Director Cathy Brown. “I am so appreciative their efforts have allowed us to reach this landmark in time for upcoming events such as the 2017 Inauguration and Legislative Session, which are of great importance to Missouri citizens.”

During the 2015 Legislative Session, $40 million for Capitol repairs was appropriated after garnering bi-partisan support. The funding will bring the building’s sub-structure back to serviceable condition after years of water infiltration and address the deteriorating stonework on the exterior of the Capitol, which was completed in 1917. The project will essentially extend the life of the building as well as improve the overall appearance, structural stability and water shedding capacity.

Phase I of the Missouri State Capitol renovation and repair project included:

  • Renovation and repair of the exterior stone terraces, south steps, east steps, and east and west carriage drives which included a new waterproofing membrane to replace the system installed in the past which had exceeded its useful life;
  • Repairs of the existing concrete substructure that had deteriorated over the years because of water penetration;
  • Stone work where mortar and sealant joints had failed and were allowing water to infiltrate interior occupied space on the Governor’s upper terrace was repaired; and
  • Repair work to the building terraces, which generally consisted of replacing or repairing: damaged stone; concrete support beams and slab; storm drains, waterproof sheet membranes; and joint materials.

Phase II of the project is slated to begin in late summer of 2017 and will likely be complete sometime in 2020. Project II will include:

  • The renovation and repair of the exterior stone facades, dome, and drum;
  • Façade work to specifically assess and repair the stones for cracks, spalls, and open joints. Some stones have been displaced and will be reset. All stones will be checked to see that they are anchored securely and will be cleaned;
  • Replacement of stone pavers and edge stones on the North Plaza and adjacent flanking sidewalks as well as sidewalks and stairs directly off the north drive leading to the Governor’s Portico. Upon completion, the surface will be more conducive to pedestrian traffic.;
  • Repair to the North Plaza retaining wall;
  • Various stone repairs for the Centaur Fountain pool rim and edge stones;
  • Removal and/or replacement of uplights and warning lights on the upper dome; and
  • Removal and waterproofing of the terrace level balustrades and repair/renovation of balustrade lighting.


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