PARIC Named “Top Workplace”


Among Only 7% of St. Louis Region’s 2,499 Eligible Employers

     PARIC Corp., one of the largest privately held companies in the Midwest, has been named a “Top Workplace” in the Greater St. Louis region.

     Of 2,499 eligible companies in the region with more than 50 employees which were invited to participate in the recognition program, only about seven percent achieved the honor.

     To determine “Top Workplace” honors, employees of the various companies were surveyed by a third-party employee engagement technology firm. The anonymous, 24-question survey measures 15 important factors or “culture drivers” that are critical to the success of all organizations. Examples of those drivers include values, interdepartmental cooperation, meaningfulness of the work, feeling appreciated, open-mindedness, innovation and clued-in leaders.

     PARIC President Keith Wolkoff cited as probable factors leading to the “Top Workplace” recognition the company’s long-time commitment to hiring the best talent and then providing every employee with top-notch training, career development, compensation and benefits. “The PARIC culture is anchored in specific core values and revolves around ‘The Power of One,’” Wolkoff said. “We challenge each individual to embrace the necessity of relentless evolution in our work and in our lives,” Wolkoff added, , ““but everything starts with hiring the best people.”

What Employees Say

     In addition to the “Top Workplace” survey, PARIC conducts quarterly engagement measurements supported by separate surveys and open communication to provide current feedback to managers at all levels of the organization. The most current comments include the following.

  • From a Procurement Specialist – “This is the only company I’ve ever been in that I actually want to recruit for – that I’m excited about and where I think people can do well in joining us.”
  • From a Project Executive – “What motivates me is the people. We have a lot of smart people, a lot of people who have a lot of talent who can be mentored and developed.”
  • From a Superintendent – “What I really like about PARIC is the great opportunities for all.”
  • From a Project Manager – “It truly is family first. The work that we do is important, but at the end of the day, your family really is the number one priority here.”


     With offices in St. Louis and Kansas City, PARIC offers vast experience in academic, commercial, multi-family, senior living, healthcare, industrial, historic renovation and hospitality market segments.

     PARIC pairs design-build services with construction management and negotiated general construction to offer an unparalleled building and service experience. More information is at

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