Pointing to the Future: A New Look for Arrowhead Building Supply


The premier building materials retailer celebrates its 21st birthday with a new logo and a revamped website

Some celebrate a 21st birthday with their first legal beer; Arrowhead Building Supply celebrates theirs with a new website and branding.

(VISIT WEBSITE: https://arrowheadbuildingsupply.com/)

When the family-owned building materials company reached the 20-year milestone, they felt it was time to update their brand with a new logo. Referencing the previous logo of a literal arrowhead pointing to the left inside the roof of a house, Rich Layton, Arrowhead’s Director of Sales, said, “It was time to release the arrowhead from the attic, and point it in the direction of the future. We are proud of how far we’ve come in 20 years, but now it’s time to focus on the next 20 years of growth.”

Arrowhead Marketing Manager, Ryan Ramshaw, designed a dynamic, modern arrowhead that would look at home on a sports jersey, emphasizing Arrowhead’s team spirit. Additionally, the company tagline was changed from “Building supplies for building dreams,” to “Building supplies for building SUCCESS.” Layton explains the significance of altering one word: “Dreams are intangible. Success is tangible. We excel at helping our customers by providing the products and knowledge they need to succeed.”

The new branding sets the tone for the company’s revamped website, which makes it easier to understand and engage with all the products, services and information Arrowhead is known for. Both building contractors and homeowners can quickly find exactly what they need and connect with experts at all 6 Arrowhead Building Supply locations throughout Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas.

Another key feature of the new website is mobile optimization. “Everyone lives on their smart phone, including our building contractors,” said Layton. “The new website makes it super easy for a builder on the job site to reach us with a single tap and get the services they need, right now.”

With a new website and branding completed, Arrowhead accelerates its 21st birthday celebration by erecting a new 78,000 s.f. facility on Interstate 70 in St. Peters, which will contain the warehouse, corporate office and a 7,000 s.f. showroom. So stay tuned for more building success with Arrowhead.

Arrowhead Building Supply is the premier source for quality building supplies and reliable delivery to the construction trades and homeowners in Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. The family-owned business accomplishes this with engaging showrooms, innovative delivery services, and friendly experts offering products from reputable manufacturers. For 21 years, Arrowhead is building supplies for building success. Visit the Arrowhead website for products, services and locations.

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