Pype & Procore Provide Customers Updated Integration and New Embedded App Experience


Construction Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Pype revealed the newest updates to their integration with long-time partner Procore, a leading provider of construction management software.

According to John Bennett, Pype’s Director of Client Success, “The combination of Pype products and the Procore platform is a can’t-miss—by working directly with the Procore customers and their product team, we were able to streamline workflows and processes across every phase of the project lifecycle, and provide software solutions that project teams have been asking for.”

Two of Pype’s flagship platforms, AutoSpecs and Closeout, integrate with Procore. Users can export automatically-generated submittal logs from AutoSpecs and into Procore, and import submittal requirements and subcontractor information from Procore into Closeout to automatically notify trade partners of closeout requirements—bookending the submittal management process.

With these new updates to Pype’s platforms, their integrations with Procore provide a more robust experience to users. “We have seen an incredible response from our users who rely on both our software and Procore for their projects,” said Sunil Dorairajan, Co-founder and CEO of Pype. “Through this customer demand, we continue to increase our partnership with Procore across all of our products to keep Pype’s best-in-class solutions on the cutting-edge of efficiency.”

The improved export from AutoSpecs into Procore now contains prompts for users to begin the mapping process to their Procore project with Pype’s Client Success team if they haven’t already done so. In Pype Closeout, users can now import Procore workflows and attachments alongside submittal requirements. This release also includes the brand new embedded app experience, which introduces a new way to build and engage with Pype products on the Procore platform. Users with an active Pype project license can now access Pype from within Procore, extending the capabilities of the Procore platform further than ever. Now, project teams no longer have to jump back and forth between the platforms, and can instead conduct and track requirement reviews in the same place they collect and store the required documents they are reviewing.

Industry leaders like HITT Contracting “focus on implementing the best technology,” says Chris Jewell, a HITT Project Manager who uses Pype Closeout and Procore. “That way, we can focus on delivering the best product to the clients. Between Procore and Pype, the solutions and customer service are just awesome–we’re closing out faster than ever before.”

The efficiency these integrations provide will soon become widely available to more customers as Pype continues innovating. “Our updated Procore integrations are laying the groundwork for our newest link between Procore and our upcoming product SmartPlans. ” said Satyam Verma, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Pype. Pype SmartPlans, which scans uploaded drawings and performs data analysis from the information within them, will be integrated with Procore from launch, letting Procore users seamlessly adopt the new platform.

“The continued evolution of the Pype and Procore partnership could not be better represented than in their recent addition of embedded apps for both Closeout and AutoSpecs as well as improved user experience in their existing integrations. We look forward to continuing to serve our joint customers and improving the overall experience of using Procore and Pype together.” Kristopher M. Lengieza, Director of Business Development, Marketplace Procore.

As Pype and Procore continue to strengthen their partnership, clients of both platforms can expect to see even more features and improvements in the near future, while attendees to Groundbreak 2019 can stop by Pype’s booth and see first hand how Pype and Procore streamline submittal and closeout workflows and ensure contract compliance at critical phases of their projects.

To learn more on Pype and Procore are working together, visit Pype’s App Marketplace tiles for AutoSpecs and Closeout.

Pype is the construction industry’s first SaaS provider for submittal log management and project closeout. By using patented AI and machine-learning algorithms, our platforms liberate project teams from error-prone spreadsheet workflows and ensure contract compliance from precon through closeout. For more information, please visit, or call 866-860-7973.

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