Recycler Uses Rare Magnetic Optical Sorter Machine at New $5 Million Facility


Missouri’s largest professional electronics recycler is using a $1.7 million magnetic optical sorter shredding machine in Wright City, Mo. to create new business opportunities that put it in the vanguard of national and international recycling operations.

EPC, Inc., which is based in St. Charles, Mo., opened its new, $5 million,104,000-square-foot facility in November 2016, replacing an existing, 65,000-square-foot recycling building in Earth City, Mo.  EPC anticipates that its business volume will grow by 20 percent initially at the new site.

The state-of-the-art magnetic optical sorter shredding machine positions the new location at the top level of technology recycling facilities in the United States.  Presently operating at about 40 percent capacity, the $1.7 million machine — one of the few of its kind in the world — has plenty of room for both environmental and economic growth.

The Wright City location underscores EPC’s commitment to its specialty, namely refurbishing and remarketing used IT equipment.  The facility is expected to handle 25 million pounds of material in 2017.  EPC handles about 70,000 whole devices a month globally, refurbishing and reselling 90 percent to 95 percent of that.  Its primary source of business is major corporations.

The magnetic optical sorter shredding machine includes smart technology, automating the process of sorting and decommissioning computer equipment and eliminating the human risk associated with decommissioning.  The sorter also has the capabilities to learn processes and improve performance based on logging and avoiding previous mistakes.

Founded by company president Dan Fuller in 1984, EPC has been growing substantially at a significant rate for more than 30 years.  I hope you’ll be interested in touring the Wright City facility and learning what makes it one of the major recycling locations in the United States.

EPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of St. Louis-based CSI Leasing.  For more information, visit

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