Saint Louis University Students Call for Clean Energy on Campus


Student Government Association passes bill calling upon University Administration  to acknowledge climate crisis, demand clean energy from Ameren Missouri

Saint Louis University (SLU) Student Government Association recently passed in an unanimous vote on a bill calling upon the SLU Administration to show regional leadership on clean energy and climate.

“SLU just cut its Sustainability Masters Program as well as the Sustainability Director position. Not only does this show a lack of foresight on the university’s part, but it is also not in line with what students here on campus want. So as the student representatives, SGA has taken the step to express to the administration that clean energy, climate action, and sustainability are a priority for students and for our future,” said Erin Kollar.

While schools such as Missouri S&T have shown leadership in committing to 100% clean energy, SLU is reliant on Ameren Missouri for the campus electricity needs.  Ameren is only getting about 1 percent of its energy from wind and solar, but other utilities in Missouri are getting over a third of their electricity from clean sources.

The resolution points out that the SLU mission of ‘the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity’ demands that we acknowledge the truth of climate change and act in a way that serves our neighbors.  The bill language outlines several steps that the SGA would like to see SLU Administration take to show leadership in line with its stated mission.

They are strongly encouraging the Administration call upon Ameren to provide campus with clean energy. The resolution also calls for the Administration to sign the St. Francis Pledge, a Catholic Climate Covenant, as well as publish a statement of solidarity with Laudato Si, the Pope’s encyclical, which focused on the humanitarian threat of catastrophic climate change. Saint Louis University was interestingly the only Jesuit University to not sign the statement of solidarity with Laudato Si, or the Saint Franciscan pledge of action to respond to climate change.

At the end of the academic year, this resolution will be taken to the Administration for review and consideration.  Students are enthusiastic that the resolution is reflecting their efforts towards bringing clean energy to SLU and the St. Louis region. Students are hopeful that their Administration will become a stronger leader regarding sustainability in the St. Louis community.

“Cities, businesses, and universities are making the commitment to transition to 100% clean energy.  While efforts to address climate at the National level are being thwarted, we still have power at the local level to address fossil fuel pollution.We believe this goes hand in hand with SLU’s mission and so we are committed to fight for a cleaner future.” said Tommy English.

The full resolution language can be viewed

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