SITE Improvement Association Reaches 50 Year Milestone of Service to St. Louis Construction Industry

The SITE Improvement Association has reached its 50 year milestone of providing successful labor negotiation, safety training and government relations services to the St. Louis area construction industry.  Begun in 1966 when three construction contractor specialty associations came together on behalf of their members to negotiate labor agreements, today SITE has four full time employees serving 170 contractor members primarily in the concrete, earthmoving, landscaping, asphalt paving, highway/bridge, sewer/utility and specialty construction segments.  The association continues to represent the interests of members in negotiations with labor unions, and has expanded its scope of services in the area of political and legislative advocacy at the local and state level and providing a wide range of safety and technical training for members.

“SITE prides itself in being the only truly independent and strictly local association of construction contractors in the area that is not affiliated with any state or national organization,” said Terry Briggs, Executive Director of SITE.  “This means that all of our decisions are made locally and all of our members’ resources are deployed in the St. Louis region. This has helped us grow and thrive while staying true to our purpose over the years.”

SITE has successfully negotiated well over 100 labor contracts with St. Louis area unions on behalf of its members and built its influence in the local construction industry while earning the respect of a wide range of contractors, association executives, labor union leaders and political officials.  SITE also led the successful efforts to establish the One Call system in Missouri, a statewide service locating underground utility lines prior to digging and in the passage of the workers’ compensation premium adjustment credit program equalizing the cost of workers’ compensation insurance between higher and lower wage paying employers.  Today the association is working to amend the state’s workers’ compensation premium rates to make Missouri more business-friendly while protecting medical benefits for injured workers.

In 2014, SITE purchased its first new headquarters building, a 4500 square foot building at 2071 Exchange Avenue in St. Charles which now offers a combination of administrative office support, board room and large training rooms for its members to use.

SITE will hold a special 50th anniversary celebration for its members on June 10 at Busch Stadium.

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