Solar Energy Heats Up Illinois Market Guarantee Electrical to Install 100KW System at High Mount School


Guarantee Electrical Company (GECO) and High Mount School have bright plans in August 2018 when GECO will install a 100-kilowatt solar array on the roof of the school.  The solar array, designed and engineered by Sun Source, will help High Mount school district to reduce energy and operating costs, as well furthering the schools sustainability goals.

“It has been a vision of mine as well as the High Mount School Board of Education for the past six years to install a solar panel array” said Superintendent Mark Halwachs.  “Guarantee Electrical is making this vision a reality through their expertise and guidance with the installation process.  The solar panel array will offer STEM activities in our classrooms, with students determining the efficiency of the panels and the amount of electricity that they are producing each day.”

“We are delighted to once again help High Mount School reduce their energy costs and become more sustainable” stated Steve Juan Executive Vice President of Guarantee Electrical Company. “Helping a long term client, which happens to be a school, to take advantage of the solar energy incentives now available in Illinois and realize their long term vision is particularly gratifying.”

Renowned for its expertise in energy systems construction, monitoring and consumption, Guarantee Electrical Company and partners have developed a turn key program for our Illinois clients interested in solar energy.  Guarantee Electrical is a two time “Partner of the Year” winner of Ameren’s Trade Ally Partnership Program.

Founded in 1902, St. Louis based Guarantee Electrical is consistently ranked among the largest electrical contractors in the United States. To learn more visit

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