Southern Illinois Builders Association Awards Scholarships

The Southern Illinois Builders Association awarded eighteen scholarships this year. Congratulations to: Richard Boyer, III, Swansea, IL; Blake Branz, O’Fallon, IL; Andrew Dant, Highland, IL; Noah Feldott, Belleville, IL; Victoria Gravot, Smithton, IL; Dylan Hites, O’Fallon, IL; Josie Hogue, Maryville, IL; Arianna Kampwerth, Highland, IL; Evan Wade Kieffer, Mt. Carmel, IL; Jason Koerkenmeier, St. Rose, IL; Caden Lansford, Farmington, IL; Jackson Moore, Centralia, IL; Damian Pohlman, Hardin, IL; Raeligh Lucille Schneider, Addieville, IL; Stephen Schniers, Highland, IL; William Seibert, Mascoutah, IL; Austin B. Sparks, Edwardsville, IL; Matthew Tipton, St. Jacob, IL; and Lucas Theising, Bartelso, IL.

Thanks to the SIBA Education Committee for their assistance: Gregg Korte; Mike Boucher; Dave Birk; Mike Gould; and Phil Kingdon. SIBA solicits candidates for the SIBA Scholarships in the fall and requests that information be submitted by midNovember in order for the SIBA Education Committee to meet and make their selections.

To be eligible for an SIBA Scholarship. candidates must be pursuing a degree in the field of Construction Management / Construction Related Engineering / Architectural. To obtain a complete list of requirements for the SIBA scholarships, please contact Donna at the SIBA office 618-624-9055.

Photo Above: Back row left to right: Dave Birk; Mike Gould; Lucas Theising; Drew Dant; Blake Branz; Richard Boyer, III; Noah Feldott; Dylan Hites Front row left to right: Victoria Gravot; Arianna Kampwerth; Josie Hogue; Caden Lansford; Raeligh Schneider; Evan Kieffer; Mike Boucher

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