Southern Illinois Builders Association Awards Scholarships


The Southern Illinois Builders Association began offering scholarships in 2012 and have awarded 104 scholarships totaling approximately $200,000. 

This year fifteen scholarships were awarded to the following individuals:  Lucy Balch, New Athens, IL; Richard Boyer, III, Swansea, IL; Andrew Dant, Highland, IL; William Denny, Columbia, IL; Dylan Hites, O’Fallon, IL; Arianna Kampwerth, Highland, IL; Jason Koerkenmeier, St. Rose, IL; Caden Lansford, Farmington, IL; Jackson Moore, Centralia, IL; Damian Pohlman, Hardin, IL; Trey John Przybysz, Maryville, IL; Stephen Schniers, Highland, IL; William Seibert, Mascoutah, IL; Matthew Tipton, St. Jacob, IL; and Lucas Theising, Bartelso, IL. 

SIBA solicits candidates for the SIBA Scholarships in the fall and requests that information be submitted by mid-November for the SIBA Education Committee to meet and make their selections.  To be eligible for an SIBA Scholarship. candidates must be pursuing a degree in the field of Construction Management / Construction Related Engineering / Architectural.  To obtain a complete list of requirements for the SIBA scholarships, please contact Donna at the SIBA office 618-624-9055. 

Thanks to the SIBA Education Committee for their assistance:  Gregg Korte; Mike Gould; Phil Kingdon; Mike Deihl; Adam Doerr; Dave Kokotovich; and Lyle Simonton.

The Southern Illinois Builders Association is a trade association of contractors representing approximately 500 commercial and industrial building, highway and utility construction contractors throughout Southern Illinois.

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