St. Louis Building Some of Nation’s Smallest Apartments

Developers are shrinking the size of new apartments to accommodate the increasing demand for urban living. Research by RENTCafe has found that the average size of newly-built apartments fell eight percent in the last decade. In buildings with at least 50 units across the nation, the average size of new apartments – those completed in 2016 – is only 934 square feet, the smallest on record since 2006, when the average size of newly-built apartments was 1,015 square feet. Overall, the average size of a US apartment is currently 889 square feet, irrespective of when a property was built.


St. Louis is home to some of the smallest apartments in the country, with studios averaging 465 square feet, 1-bedrooms clocking in at 686 square feet, and 2-bedrooms spanning 941 square feet.


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