St. Louis City Officials Reissue Building Permits for Micro-Hospital in NorthSide Regeneration Development


Facility will fulfill much needed medical care in underserved north St. Louis City

NorthSide Regeneration received notification at noon on April 1 that the City of St. Louis reissued building permits on a micro-hospital planned for 1320 N. Jefferson Ave. in north St. Louis City. City officials had revoked the building permits in February citing inactivity on the former Pruitt-Igoe housing site and marking it as “abandoned.”

Hospital representative Mark S. Vincent said he did not understand why the city revoked the building permits because plans for the project were always securely in place.

“Our plans to build this important and much needed medical facility for the residents of north St. Louis City has never wavered,” said Vincent. “Today, following the announcement that the building permits have been reinstated, we are full steam ahead on the project. We have foundation work underway on the site and have a powerful financial structure in place to back it up. We are moving forward despite all the hurdles that we have had to endure to make this facility a reality for the people of north St. Louis City.”

The design builder on the project, KAI, submitted a letter to St. Louis City Building Commissioner Frank Oswald on March 27 requesting that the building permits be reinstated, stating that the project delay was the result of the lengthy Federal Government shutdown which has delayed the issuance of New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) for the project. KAI CEO Michael B. Kennedy, Jr. stated in the letter to Oswald that the project was never “abandoned” and that the tax credits are expected to be issued in late April or early May, with construction expected to resume in June.

“I am happy this much needed project is back on track,” said Kennedy. “We look forward to working together with city officials to fulfill NorthSide Regeneration’s vision for improving the lives of residents in north St. Louis City.”

Plans for the micro-hospital include three hospital beds and 24/7 emergency service. Vincent said he expects the facility to be completed by May 2020.

NorthSide Regeneration (NSR) is a mixed-use community development – a self-sustaining neighborhood of people, cultures, economic opportunity, safety and education with the infrastructure and growth to support key, necessary services for the community. For more information about NorthSide Regeneration, visit

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