Synergy Group Receives Construction Marketing Association’s STAR Award


Synergy Group recently was recognized by the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) annual STAR Awards for marketing excellence in the construction industry. Synergy Group was awarded the CMA STAR Award for Brand Identity for a new logo they designed for Integrated Facility Services (IFS).

Synergy Group created a complete rebranding for Integrated Facility Services (IFS), a full-service HVAC, plumbing, fire-protection, and building automation firm that was consolidating four companies. The marketing agency led a fast-track rebranding campaign (less than three months) including strategic planning, new logo, corporate materials, new website, publicity, and employee and client communications.

To capitalize on existing brand equity, Synergy Group stylized an icon from the company’s previous logo, with four sections to represent the focus areas of the newly consolidated organization.

“Synergy Group designed a clear and structured plan for our re-branding, which led to a cohesive and successful effort,” said Arthur Bottorff, Sales & Marketing Manager for IFS. “The rebranding supports our operations and business development goals.”

The CMA STAR Awards showcase the very best in construction marketing effectiveness and creative execution, according to CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown.

Synergy Group is a single-source marketing communications firm that develops marketing strategies, improves branding, gains exposure and implements marketing campaigns to support business development for corporate, government and not-for-profit clients. 

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