000 per Month by June

Local Shade Manufacturer Converts to Making Face Shields


Local U City company, Halcyon Shades, is converting their entire high-performance shade factory to make face shields. The material they use to make shades can also be used to make face shields.

They’ve already made the conversion, acquired the supplies, ordered extra cutting tables and have their first orders from the City of St. Louis.  They have a 30,000 square foot space, and owner Chris Lozano would have had to shut down the factory eventually (they service hospitality and small businesses), but this conversion will save all his employees’ jobs and he’ll already begun hiring additional workers. Mr. Lozane, an attorney and former military, and was already deeply committed to bringing manufacturing jobs to St. Louis.

Right now, Halcyon can make 10,000 face shields a week today and will have the capacity to produce 100,000 a week by June.