Chicago-Based Construction Company, Clayco, Grants $150,000 as Part of Juneteenth Fund, Announces Star-Studded Guest Speaker List


The organization plans to donate $25,000 each to six Black-owned community-based organizations.

Six recipients of Clayco’s Juneteenth Fund are to be awarded $25,000 each as part of the Chicago-based construction company’s annual Juneteenth celebration. The Clayco Foundation’s Juneteenth Fund Advisory Committee will celebrate by hosting its third annual Juneteenth Fund Celebration. The event will be held Saturday, June 17, at 5 p.m. at Palladium St. Louis, 1400 Park Pl.

The community-based organizations which are being honored at the event were chosen for their work which betters the individuals and communities they serve. The organizations include:

  1. Chicago Scholars
  2. Aerostar Avion Institute
  3. Polished Pebbles
  4. Sankofa Unity Center
  5. Urban Golf of Greater St. Louis
  6. Boys 2 Mentor

“We are proud to host our third annual Juneteenth celebration and support these wonderful organizations,” said Clayco’s founder and executive chairman Bob Clark. “Giving support to communities we work with every day is central to the philosophy of Clayco. We look forward to another successful event next year and seeing these valuable programs grow and thrive even more.”

Guest speakers include:

  • Comedian/Actor Guy Torry (MC Host)
  • Pastor Michael F Jones Friendly Temple Baptist Church
  • Regional Director of Health & Human Services for Biden Administration Joseph Palm
  • St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell                        
  • Keynote speaker Wesley Lowery, CNN/60 Minutes/Washington Post 

The Juneteenth Fund exemplifies Clayco’s year-round commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. A leader in the design build and construction industries, Clayco has remained an innovator in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), engraining DEI as a pillar of the organization for the past 25 years. You can watch a video on the Juneteenth Fund here.

Founded in 2020, The Clayco Foundation Juneteenth Fund is proud to support local non-profit organizations that further the causes of equality and justice as it specifically pertains to the African American community. We are committed to furthering the awareness of injustices and elevating the voices of those that need it the most. The Juneteenth Fund actively seeks non-profits and individuals that align with our mission for recognition and as fund beneficiaries. We look forward to furthering the relationships with our long-term community partners and building new bridges with emerging non-profits and organizations. For more information visit

Clayco is a full-service, turnkey real estate development, master planning, architecture, engineering, and construction firm that safely and sustainably delivers the highest quality solutions to clients across North America on time, on budget, and above and beyond expectations. With $5.2 billion in revenue for 2022, Clayco specializes in the “art and science of building,” providing fast track, efficient solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential-related building projects. For more information, visit

Contractors Continue Safety Transition from Hard Hats to Helmets

Contractors Continue Safety Transition from Hard Hats to Helmets

By KERRY SMITH, St. Louis Construction News and Review Magazine

Although OSHA regulations do not yet mandate it, a growing number of commercial contractors are making the transition from hard hats to helmets as an investment in heightened jobsite safety.

McCarthyHoldings,Inc. is preparing to complete the transition from standard hard hats to helmets for all trade partners on the firm’s construction sites. This comes as an extension to McCarthy’s 2022 transition to helmets for its more than 6,000 salaried and craft employees. The contractor’s proactive decision is expected to significantly reduce the impact and lessen the frequency of future injuries and accidents. On July 1, McCarthy will begin requiring all trade partners to wear helmets.

Clayco’s subsidiary, Concrete Strategies, is continuing a pilot effort it began in the spring of 2021 is doing a pilot to replace hard hats with helmets in the field. 

Trade associations are also following suit. The American Society of Concrete Contractors – the nation’s nonprofit association for cast-in-place concrete contractors – says momentum is gaining nationally to replace traditional hard hats with helmets.

From a cost standpoint, the expenditure is approximately 10 times more. Contractor helmets range from $100 to $125 apiece, compared with hard hats which cost $10 to $15 each. But the long-term safety benefits are clear, according to OSHA’s Scott Ketcham, who oversees the agency’s Directorate of Construction.

“Helmets attach more closely to the head with built-in chin straps and have little to no brim around the edge,” Ketcham said. “There is protective padding inside the helmet as well. Hard hats protect against injury from falling objects, but helmets also protect against blows from the side. They are more likely to remain in place during falls, trips and slips.”

Over time, the hard hat’s polyethylene shells are subject to weakening from substances such as paints, paint thinners and some cleaning agents, he added. While hard hats are tested to withstand a force of 1,000 pounds – equivalent to an eight-pound ball dropped from a height of five feet onto the top of the hard hat – construction safety helmets protect against greater impact from above and from the side, according to OSHA.

Helmets also offer workers increased protection from electrocution and noise.

In 2017, Clark Construction became one of the first contractors to require employees to wear helmets instead of hard hats. An increase in falls and traumatic brain injuries prompted the company to make the switch.