I-270 North Project

MoDOT Completing Western Terminus of I-270 North Project

On Schedule for Dec 2023 Finish


MoDOT is this month celebrating the near completion of the new and improved southbound Lindbergh Boulevard section of its 8.6-mile, $278 million Interstate 270 North Design-Build Project.

The entire project stretches along I-270 north from Lindbergh Boulevard on the west to Route 367 on the east.

MoDOT’s largest project in 10 years began in April 2020 and is on track to complete in December 2023, according to I-270 North Deputy Project Director Eric Kopinski. “We are nearing the finishing stages of the Lindbergh Boulevard interchange,” he said. “We still need to demo the existing bridge in mid-August, but we’re close.”

Replacing both highway bridges over I-270 at New Florissant Road and New Halls Ferry Road is another facet of the mega-project that crews are tackling. Extensive work is being performed to make the outer road system safer and more expedient for motorists. MoDOT is phasing the work to keep lanes open to through traffic. This portion of the project is expected to continue through Fall 2022.

Construction of new I-270 North bridge over New Florissant Road

“We’re completely rebuilding the outer road and adjusting ramp locations to make it safer for travelers,” Kopinski said, noting that a new bridge connecting Pershall Road to Dunn Road improves connectivity, allowing motorists driving along Old Halls Ferry; now drivers can use Pershall Road to cross over I-270 and continue along Dunn Road.

MoDOT Communications Coordinator Nina Thompson said the work to replace and rebuild aging infrastructure – many of these highway bridges were built in the 1960s – with modern design features not only adds capacity but increases access for pedestrians.

“We’re adding multi-use trails on both sides of the highway (at New Florissant and New Halls Ferry) to allow for limited bicycling and jogging,” Thompson said.

Safety improvements are being achieved, MoDOT says, by eliminating crossover slip ramps at Pershall and Dunn that for years required motorists to cross over a lane of traffic that was headed toward them as they exited I-270.

“We’ve done extensive traffic modeling and safety analysis to ensure that what we’re building and improving today along I-270 will adequately serve motorists years down the road,” said Kopinski, noting that 140,000 vehicles travel this stretch of I-270 north every day and approximately 18 percent of that is truck traffic.

The final major section of the I-270 North Design-Build Project, the new Route 367 interchange, will commence soon. “It has long been a standard cloverleaf interchange,” Kopinski said. “We are ramping up this summer and fall to make significant changes.”

MoDOT, IDOT Making Progress on I-270 North, I-44, I-64, Poplar Street


The Missouri Dept. of Transportation and the Illinois Dept. of Transportation are working steadily through the summer on multi-year projects to improve access along some of the St. Louis region’s busiest thoroughfares.

MoDOT’s work to maximize roadway improvements to the Interstate 270 corridor from James S. McDonnell Blvd. to Bellefontaine Rd., the I-270 North Design-Build Project, is a $278 million, 44-month project that began in April 2020 and is projected to wrap up in December 2023. Millstone Weber and Parsons Transportation Group are the prime contractors.

Nina Thompson, communications coordinator for the project, said right now the work taking place includes building a new Pershall Road Bridge over Coldwater Creek, completing the West Florissant Bridge, construction of outer road improvements, the start of Missouri Rte. 367 interchange construction, connecting Pershall Bridge to Dunn Rd. over I-270 just east of Old Halls Ferry and the continuation of work on the U.S. Rte. 67 (Lindbergh Blvd.) interchange.

The I-270 project is MoDOT’s largest project in a decade.

MoDOT is also preparing to place concrete for the last piece of the new westbound Interstate 44 Bridge. The project includes widening the westbound bridge from four lanes to five and adding a ramp bridge to facilitate vehicles entering westbound I-44 from northbound and southbound I-270.

The work is also being performed to allow vehicles exiting westbound I-44 at Soccer Park/North Highway Drive to merge more safely and efficiently.

Andrew Gates, communications specialist, said MoDOT has completed the new ramp/collector-distributor pavement east of the bridge and is finishing the collector-distributor pavement west of the bridge. The asphalt overlay has been completed, he added, and striping is beginning. In addition, MoDOT has set girders and has partially formed the deck for the pedestrian and bicycle path bridge. Work on the I-44 bridge project commenced in August 2018 and is expected to complete in January. By this fall, MoDOT anticipates all traffic lanes across the bridge to be open.

The I-64 overpass at 22nd St. is another MoDOT project taking shape this summer. Gates said crews are currently constructing two overpasses – Ewing Ave. and 22nd St. over I-64 and Jefferson Ave. and 22nd St. The project began in July 2020 and has a projected finish of June 2022. KCI Construction is the prime contractor. Gates said this project was spurred by the relocation of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to its future campus just north of downtown St. Louis.

“This interchange update project, which creates the first full interchange on I-64 in the downtown area, helps bring traffic to and from the new NGA campus more efficiently,” said Gates.

IDOT is also working on a project to facilitate vehicular traffic in and around downtown St. Louis.

Dawn Johnson, IDOT Region 5 communications outreach liaison, said the agency is working toward completion this fall of the Poplar Street Bridge eastbound collector-distributor ramps, a project that began in December 2020. The $29.8 million project involves bridge deck replacement, full and partial depth deck repairs, deck sealing, removal and replacement of expansion joints, beam repair and strengthening, pier repairs, drainage repairs, safety improvements and sign replacement.