Helicopter Lift Facilitates IFS HVAC Renovation for the Pattonville School District


Work is underway on an extensive $3.1 million upgrade of heating, ventilating and air conditioning HVAC systems at four schools in the Pattonville School District in St. Louis County, with Integrated Facility Services (IFS) as the mechanical contractor. The design/build project will replace outdated equipment with new HVAC systems designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs at Pattonville High School, Pattonville Heights Middle School, Parkwood Elementary and Rose Acres Elementary. Kansas City-based Navitas is the construction manager.

During Pattonville High School’s winter break, the IFS team airlifted 70 tons (lbs) of equipment by air crane helicopter to replace the school’s HVAC rooftop units. The two-and-a-half-hour project involved 70 helicopter lifts to remove 32 existing, hard-to-reach HVAC units and replace them with 38 new HVAC units and cooling coils. 16 IFS employees were on-site along with employees of Midwest Helicopter Airways Inc., the air crane operator, and Navitas, the energy performance contractor.

The IFS project and safety management team conducted an extensive inspection prior to the helicopter lift to ensure complete safety. An area within 200’ of the helicopter lift was cleared of all loose debris, trashcans, benches, and other materials that could become flying debris hazards in the 70 MPH downwash created by the helicopter rotors. A 150’ “sterile” area was established and maintained throughout the flight activity, and only workers essential to the project were allowed on-site. The team monitored weather conditions during the week leading up to the helicopter lift, since strong, sustained winds over 35 mph would delay or cancel the project. IFS executed this lift safely and in record time.

The IFS project is part of a $10 million upgrade to improve HVAC systems; add efficiencies to kitchen, lighting and water systems; replace windows and roofs; improve weatherization; upgrade Building Automation Systems (BAS); and provide advanced data analytics. The initiative is funded through performance contracts and is scheduled to complete next August before the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Integrated Facility Services (IFS) is a full-service HVAC, plumbing, piping, fire protection and building automation firm with more than 250 professional and trade employees. For more information, call (636) 680-2100 or (573) 442-6100 and visit www.intfs.com.

IFS Completes HVAC work on $26 million O’Fallon Justice Center


Integrated Facility Services (IFS) installed the energy-efficient HVAC system at the new $26 million O’Fallon Justice Center, which opened this month. The 96,000-square-foot justice center houses the O’Fallon Police Department and Municipal Courts, Missouri. The construction manager was McCarthy Building Companies and the architect was Wilson Estes Police Architects.

IFS served as the organizing contractor developing the 3D BIM model for the facility’s mechanical, electrical, fire protection and plumbing systems. They facilitated all collision and coordination meetings between the MEP trades, architect, mechanical engineer, McCarthy and the City of O’Fallon to ensure that the project ran smoothly and efficiently with absolutely no collisions of craft. This allowed each trade to run a more efficient project while increasing productivity for both the trade contractors and the project as a whole.

IFS installed the entire HVAC system including five air handlers, a 350 nominal ton chiller and a dedicated air handling system for a seven-stall indoor firing range, which provides 60 fresh air changes per hour. They worked with the automation control contractors Trane Corporation and their subcontractor CE Jarrell Contracting Co. to assure a cohesive collaboration of mechanical equipment and controls for complete facility automation. IFS also installed a 6,000-gallon diesel tank and piping to fuel the dual-generator auxiliary power system.

The O’Fallon Justice Center features multiple courtrooms as well as 15 holding cells, a 70-seat training room, a 911 center, CSI lab space, offices, an evidence storage room, an employee break room, firing range, and space for expansion over the next 30 years.

Integrated Facility Services (IFS) is a full-service HVAC, plumbing, piping, fire protection and building automation firm with more than 270 professional and trade employees.For more information, call (636) 680-2100 or (573) 442-6100 and visit www.intfs.com.

Local Contractors Complete Energy Retrofit At Missouri Athletic Club


Trane Co. and several local subcontractors recently completed lighting and HVAC retrofit at the historic Missouri Athletic Club (MAC) Downtown Clubhouse in St. Louis. Built in 1915, the MAC is believed to be the first building west of the Mississippi River with an air conditioning system, which was installed between 1934 and 1941.

“The total cost of the project is about $2.3, million but the savings generated from this new, efficient system will pay for the project plus create positive cash flow moving forward,” said Wally Smith, general manager of the MAC. The landmark building in downtown St. Louis is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Trane spent over a year developing the project with the MAC, said Ron Haley, Trane project manager. “We did an energy audit and brought a list of items to the club and the energy savings that would be associated with each one. Then we negotiated with them how much work to do,” he said. Trane guarantees the savings and pays the difference if the savings fall short.

Trane provided the system design and components.

Much of the original HVAC equipment for the 220,000-square-foot MAC Downtown clubhouse building was still in place prior to this project. Trane designed the new system and provided the component.

The project proceeded in two phases covering different parts of the building, Haley said. Corrigan Company handled the heat, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) retrofit and Kaemmerlen Electric the lighting retrofit in Phase 1. Integrated Facility Services (IFS) and performed the HVAC retrofit and Aschinger Electric performed the electrical and lighting retrofit in Phase 2.

IFS replaced the original antiquated air-handling units with new variable air volume (VAV) units and retrofit an existing chiller.

American Boiler reconfigured an unused boiler that had been installed in 1980 but taken offline three years later when the MAC decided to purchase steam from the City of St. Louis. The boiler was reconfigured to operate as a low-pressure system for most of the building. Now fueled by natural gas, the boiler is much more cost-efficient than the previous high-pressure steam-fueled system, due to the rising cost of steam and the 24/7 manpower needed to operate it. IFS installed control components provided by Trane. EMI and TCS installed the control wiring.

Trane then programmed and sequenced the new Building Automation System (BAS) for optimum performance, remote monitoring and control changes. IFS also installed two new water softeners to condition water for the facility’s laundry, dishwashing, showers and sauna.

Trane helped the MAC get financing from the City of St. Louis Set the PACE cleaning-energy financing program and get rebates from Ameren and Laclede Gas.

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