Industrial Coatings Business CCIMW

Industrial Coatings Business CCIMW, LLC Under New Ownership


Since purchasing CCIMW 1/1/2020, Sara Hagemeyer has led the business in implementing new estimating & accounting programs as well as appropriating funds for purchasing state-of-the-art equipment for those employees who do the commercial paintwork & Industrial coatings applications. She has doubled the size of the company & worked to rebuild relationships with many top general contractors in the area. In addition, she worked with the Union to create a transparent partnership between CCIMW and their union painting/ coatings labor force.

Then in 2021, Sara hired a Senior Estimator to focus on the booming market of “multi-unit housing” & worked to secure as much expert floor & roof coatings on those types of construction as possible. Sales were increased by 40% and the business began operating again at a profit. In addition, after reviewing & finding the ROI on ownership of equipment vs renting that same equipment, she purchased over $350,000 in new equipment for the company. Next, she hired a new Chief Financial Officer, and a Director of Operations was promoted from within, allowing Sara to focus on both broadening the service area of the company and establishing a robust growth plan for the next couple of years. As of this writing, CCIMW now serves coating needs in Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Ohio & Michigan. This is a larger market than previous years from 2011 to 2019 when the jobs procured were primarily in the near Midwest.

Hagemeyer’ s business experience includes an extensive background in construction accounting, and she has gained an extensive knowledge of the painting & protective coatings industry dating back to 1993. She is a very hands-on owner who delights in getting to know the CCIMW employees. You will find her visiting job often throughout the year keeping a pulse on the company.

Sara invests in her employees. From having companywide summertime picnics & Christmas parties to monthly supervisor meetings & quarterly employee meetings to promote safety & education. She has been an inspiration to the construction industry with her initiative-taking approach, conflict de-escalation & conflict resolution policies. She is involved with every function of the business with her weekly meetings with her office staff, estimators, and field superintendents. Sara’s diligence had made CCIMW, LLC a successful nationwide painting & industrial coatings business.