Mason Contractors Association Announces 2020-21 Board Appointments

Mason Contractors Association Announces 2020-21 Board Appointments


The Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis, chartered in March 1896 and one of St. Louis’ oldest trade organizations recently announced its slate of officers and other governing members for the upcoming term.


  • President: Bradly C. Grant (Grant Contracting Co.)
  • Vice President: Brian Smith (John J. Smith Company)
  • Secretary: Brett Lampkin (Lampkin Masonry)
  • Treasurer: Luke Siebert (Heitkamp Masonry, Inc.)


  • Daniel Dwyer (E.C. Landers Brickwork, Inc.)
  • Nick Frisch (Frisch Masonry, Inc.)
  • Tom Schmitt (Superior Waterproofing & Restoration Co., Inc.)
  • John Foley (Swanson Masonry, Inc.)
  • Scott Masterson (B & K Tuckpointing Co.)

Arbitration Board:

  • John J. Smith, Jr. (John J. Smith Masonry Company)
  • Brian J. Grant (Grant Contracting Company, Inc.)
  • Thomas L. McDonnell (George McDonnell & Sons Tuckpointing Company)
  • Jeffrey D. Schmidt (JDS Masonry, Inc.)
  • Martin Heck, Jr. (Martin C. Heck Brick Contracting Co.)

The MCA of St. Louis includes owners of contracting companies, along with businesses that supply the masonry industry, as well as the firms that serve its financial, legal and insurance needs.