Top 5 Construction Trends in 2022 Embody Existing Industry Priorities


As 2021 wraps and 2022 begins, construction industry players say these industry trends are lining up to manifest in the new year and beyond:

  • Better PPE for Women: Greater emphasis on inclusivity for women in construction, namely in the category of safety, is expected to continue as a solid trend in 2022. Personal protective equipment that is sized more proportionately for women is expected to increase in terms of offerings from an array of vendors.
  • Increased Use of Automation and Robotics: As labor shortages endure, adoption of automation and robotics in the construction world will also endure and increase as a major 2022 industry trend to allow teams across the state, region, nation and globe to work more productively and efficiently with fewer human operators.
  • Increased Use of 3D Printing: This is predicted by analysts to advance design and construction modeling. Inventions such as one that allows 3D printing of asphalt are expected to continue to enable the construction industry to elevate its game.
  • Widespread Digital Transformation: From the office to the project site, digitization will continue transforming the industry on into 2022 and beyond.
  • Greater Emphasis on Sustainability: Due to public interest in sustainability, this focus is a continuing trend that will drive high-profile projects and collaboration in 2022 as owners and teams concentrate on sourcing sustainable materials.