Webster University

Music Construction, V Three Studios Team to Complete Phase II Sverdrup Complex Work


Project partners Musick Construction and V Three Studios have completed an interior renovation at Webster University’s Sverdrup Complex.

The 2,700-square-foot space is in the School of Communications. The project, according to Musick Construction Vice President Neal Murphy, was part of an ongoing, phased effort to renovate the Sverdrup Complex. Interior renovation work began in May 2021 and completed in July 2021.

“Isolating the renovation area while keeping the rest of the Sverdrup Complex operational was a challenge,” said Murphy. “Completing all work in preparation for the students’ return in August also proved to be challenging, but we all made it happen.”

V Three Studios Principal/Owner Kurt Kerns said the space is directly adjacent to a previously renovated area in the Sverdrup Complex that was completed in 2018.

“It’s a versatile annex to the East Wing of the school’s primary communications building,” Kerns said. “The space serves as an audio/video equipment storage and check-out center for students.”

The just-completed space includes a cast concrete desk as a warehouse for placing audio/video equipment and slat wall coverings in the storage area to provide flexible options for storing equipment. A bold, color-blocked wall reminiscent of vintage TV test patterns greets visitors.

Musick Construction acted as the construction manager and has an ongoing working relationship with Webster University, as does V Three Studios.