Wet Spring

Wet Spring, Busy Summer


As we go through one of the wettest springs on record in the state of Missouri, many projects that were scheduled to start have been delayed. Acknowledging the hardship for those living in flood plains have to deal with, contractors are challenged in a different way that can affect project schedules drastically. Timelines get compressed and the spacing out of labor force and equipment usage deteriorates. In extreme cases, smaller contractors can be pushed beyond the point of even being able to perform the work. This is where using an experienced contractor can make a significant difference.

Having gone through seasons of high rainfall amounts, an experienced excavating contractor can make the proper adjustments in manpower and equipment usage. They can stretch crews without compromising performance. They’ll know what level of production they can expect from full equipment utilization. They also know how to supplement equipment needs from the sources available to them. They often have longstanding relationships with those outlets giving them priority within the demand. These aspects are incredibly valuable to owners and general contractors alike.

Many projects are experiencing significant delays and this will result in a large number of them starting at roughly the same time. Excavating contractors are often first on site and will be expected to respond quickly. Those that don’t have the flexibility to do so may back those projects up even further. Then, you begin to deal with winter weather systems causing delays. To prevent a scenario of this type, it’s imperative to be sure you’re contracting an experienced excavating contractor. The alternative could be a long lasting headache.