Tech Electronics Adds Fire Suppression Solutions to its Portfolio


Tech Electronics, a managed solutions partner, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, expands its fire safety portfolio to incorporate suppression. The company is a leading provider of fire alarm design, installation and services but had not incorporated suppression into its offerings until recent acquisitions made it possible.

The acquisition of the company’s offices in Denver, Topeka, and Kansas City brought with it the experience and the knowledge to begin offering suppression solutions across all nine locations.

“Adding fire suppression to our portfolio companywide brings our service to the next level,” says Rich Vance, Director of Fire Detection and Fire Suppression for Tech Electronics. “We now have the ability to offer our customers a complete fire safety solution.”

The company now offers fire safety solutions ranging from detection, notification, evacuation, suppression, and containment to alerting the authorities and monitoring. In addition, the company will soon be launching TechConnectedSM  – Fire Solution, which will encompass the entire suite of fire safety solutions all managed through a user-friendly app.

Fire alarm installations and service account for 30% of the company’s overall $75 million in revenue. Tech Electronics is one of St. Louis’s largest fire alarm providers and is one of the top five Notifier dealers nationwide.

Tech Electronics is a managed solutions partner headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with a network of regional offices in Columbia & Springfield, MO, Bloomington & Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN Kansas City MO/KS, Topeka, KS and Denver CO. For more information visit or call Tech Electronics at 314.645.6200

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