The Gateway Welcome Project

The Gateway Welcome Project recognizes the role that immigrants have played in our history and will continue to play in the future growth of the St. Louis region’s economy. We realize that we can and must welcome and encourage immigrant youth to dream about being future leaders. What began as one small effort to do that has grown to involve many people and many disciplines in an ongoing program that will be game-changing in its approach and impact.

The idea that initiated the Gateway Welcome Project was converting a worn, scarred St. Louis Public School playground into a place where young New Americans from around the world could play soccer.

It quickly morphed into a much larger vision. That vision included a signature shelter area, landscaping and community gardens, healthy kids initiatives, STEM education opportunities and more.

The initial projects are scheduled to debut during Welcoming Week 2016, September 16-25, 2016, a time when America welcomes the contributions that immigrants have made, and will make, to the future of this nation.

Going foward we envision a continuity of effort from more construction efforts to programming. For that reason we decided to form the not-for-profit corporation which we have called the Gateway Welcome Project.

To date, the program has involved participation and collaboration from the following organizations and individuals:

  • Bell Electrical
  • Cole Engineering
  • Construction Forum STL
  • Construction Forum Education Foundation
  • DG2 Design
  • Eastern Missouri Laborers District Council
  • Engraphix
  • Jenny Birge
  • McCarthy Leonard & Kaemmerer
  • Metropolitan Sewer District
  • St. Louis Mosaic Project
  • St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club
  • PHL, Inc.
  • St. Louis Public Schools
  • Tao + Lee Architects
  • SITE Improvement Association
  • Washington University’s College of Architecture, Design/Build

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