The Importance of Partnering In Construction


With the construction season heading into high gear, projects will hit a pace unlike any other time of the year. The advent of better weather combined with strong construction demand will mean that general contractors and owners will rely heavily on their subcontractors to take care of their portion of a project. Supervision will be stretched and communication between sub and GC will be imperative to effectively manage projects. This is a partnership that is forged through striving to achieve the same goal. The best subcontractors take great pride in their workmanship and look to efficiently serve those that employ their services.

The word “partnership” is thrown around a lot in the construction industry, but true partnership is working side by side with other subcontractors to support the plan the general contractor or owner has designed. They give input on more efficient ways to execute a project where others will simply look for ways to add cost. The focus of a true construction partnership is to roll up everyone’s proverbial sleeves and get the job done right. The pressure of schedules and budgets can create significant challenges, but experienced contractors know how to find answers as opposed to excuses. The best find ways to save in both those areas knowing it will bode well for them when considered for future projects.

We often are called in to correct issues created by competitors. We sometimes have lost the initial bid by a slim margin only to be contacted after an issue arises. We always are willing to offer counsel on the work we know and many clients will take advantage of that posture. As this construction season hits full swing, we look to be a source of information for our customer base. We hope they consider us to be a source they can go to and trust. It helps define who we are to our customers, a true partner!

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