The Korte Company Promotes Several Employees into Key Positions

Derek Brauer

Derek Brauer has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Procurement and is responsible for managing New Business Development as well as directing Preconstruction activities. Derek began his career at The Korte Company in 2000 as a Project Engineer. He was also a Project Executive with a primary focus on the Department of Defense sector. Additionally, Derek was an integral member of the company’s Preconstruction and Project Management Teams.

Jason Weiss

The Korte Company, founded in 1958, is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with offices in Highland, Illinois; Norman, Oklahoma; and Las Vegas, Nevada. The company manages, on average, an excess of $400 million in annual construction volume. Visit the company site at

Jason Weiss has been named Executive Vice President of Operations and will oversee the Design, Project Management, Recruiting, Quality Control and Field, pillars of the company. Jason joined The Korte Company in 2004 and has held several positions throughout the company including the Executor Director of Project Management. His project experience spans key sectors including Department of Defense, distribution centers, offices and retail.

Tyler Unterbrink

Tyler Unterbrink was promoted to Vice President of Field Operations and will support the Operations Team and direct the company’s Field and Safety Teams. Tyler was also a Project Executive heading up the Distribution Center teams and has also held numerous Project Manager roles on various construction projects since joining The Korte Company in 2006. He has been an instrumental part of almost three dozen key distribution center projects, but his resume also includes successful deliveries in the healthcare, defense, commercial and education markets.

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