The Safest Little School in Illinois


After being hit hard by vandals in August of 2015, this highly successful school in East St. Louis needed to replace its windows quickly.  Winco Window Company in St Louis heard of the school’s dilemma and donated the first set of high security windows.  In the years that followed, the school worked tirelessly to raise the funds to replace all the windows throughout the school. The success was celebrated by students, staff and donors on June 22. 

Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School partnered with the local community organizations to create the latest in technology window systems, for an enhanced learning environment. As described below, the window requirements at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School were unique, making the school a good candidate to integrate various window applications.  Winco Window Company in U. City got involved wanted to ensure students enjoyed light-filled classrooms in a safe and secure environment.

Key Benefits of New Windows:

Security:   The outer pane of these windows is made from polycarbonate, an extremely tough material that is impact resistant. Polycarbonate looks like glass, but will not break or shatter upon impact.  These types of security windows are being installed in schools across the country.

Energy Efficient:  Each window incorporates an air gap between the polycarbonate and the inside glass panel. The air gap creates an insulating barrier that keeps extreme temperatures at bay. Students will now be able to sit close to windows, without experiencing a draft. The school will enjoy lowered energy bills, the energy savings expected is approximately 30%.

Quiet:  The construction of the windows also provides another important benefit – reduced sound from outside noise.   Teachers and students will no longer be distracted by traffic, sirens, and playground noise.   The new environment will be peaceful and ideal for learning.

Additional Facts:

  • Expected energy savings of 30%
  • Savings year over year on security system costs, no need for glass breakage sensors
  • Window openings will allow more ventilation

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